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Here we are again. Back on the forums we're used to. This backup was exactly a year old. Same goes for the GreenCoins database and most game/server progress data as well. We're sorry that we had to revert to this backup. There is still a small chance we have a more recent backup, if it's available I'll change it to that.


GreenCoins and shop items

The GreenCoins that have been earned between this backup date and now are lost. Same goes for most of the shop items. We can't change anything about this! We won't give you back your earned GCs, since we can't check it. As a compensation we'll be giving all active players a GC bonus somewhere in the coming weeks.


Paid GreenCoins (donations)

If you have paid for GreenCoins between July 15th 2013 and July 16th 2014, please send me a forum PM with the date of payment and all the information you have. Then we'll give you those GreenCoins back! :)



Mr. Green will receive major updates the coming months. Here's a small list of what you can expect:

- New GreenCoins system.

- Trade GreenCoins for real euros (earn money with playing on our servers).

- Trade GreenCoins with other users.

- A lot more events. Both community organized and TopCrew organized. For the latter people will receive GreenCoins for participating. Assigning event organizers is being considered.

- Managers will be assigned. These are server admins that act as manager of a server or server group and have a lot more influence than normal admins.

- New website (with miniwebsites per server/server group). Many changes to the forums as well.


Especially the second list item will give both positive and negative changes. We'll most likely attract more people who're just here for the money, and not for the community. However, we'll do our utmost best to get the best of both worlds.



- Reply here.

- Send a forum PM

- Email me: [email protected]

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Really!? My effort in all this year that playing mta went away to the shit, tapeworm like 11k of gc, 3 lists of cars and a skin so that...? for anything, and do they want to give us a bond? (I hope that it should be big at least) Hope that they should do something on this matter to our accounts because some of them had many gc.




And if they do not believe me with regard to my gc, I believe that this is sufficient, although it had more gc because the photo is slightly ancient.



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I won 50k + only playing without buying ..

Some people seem to have a bit of trouble reading so I'll outline this for you guys again.



If you PAID for GC's from July 15th 2013 and July 16th 2014 then you can send Ywa a PM on the forums with Proof of your purchase

you have problem, not me..

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The comment wasn't actually directed at you, I've had several people ask what to do about claiming their GCs back

ok, but it was for me too, you just answered the same way ....

and I'll see if I can get some response from Ywa, thanks for the help ...

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Hey, SkyBlue here, my account wasnt made in this days, i just have this old one and ~dQ__Qb~ lol, so, i donated some euros but i dont remember when, i know i donated in too many times, also in the double gcs sale in this 2014, someone know how i can probe it? My gcs account is: ~dQ__Qb~




Yo, guess what, i found my euro donation in paypal :P


(The yellow highlight was made when the gcs were double for donation)



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