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Rename the Smoker Boss Rastaman

Should the Smoker Boss be renamed Rastaman?  

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  1. 1. Should the Smoker Boss be renamed Rastaman?

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Rename the Smoker Boss Rastaman


Hello fellow homosapiens, 
As a member of Mr. Greengaming, I feel it is part of my duty to this community to imput ideas I feel should be implemented. One idea in particular I have had for a while, is for the Smoker boss to be renamed the Rastaman. 
I mean the entire idea of this boss is a joke, so why not make it even funnier? 
So basically what we should do to this boss is:
1) Give him dreads like a regular Jamaican man
2) Implement a joint into his mouth cavity
3) Everytime the boss is spawned, it plays this song: 

4) The boss should have the colors of the Jamaican flag on him
I might add more stuff later, i'm feeling lazy right now. Edited by DanRod
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This boss needs a special attack. The attacks of all the boses right now are pretty much the same. We need something interesting and fun. Here is what I propose:

-Boss will have a giant bunch of buds in his hand and tries to hit you with it.

-When he hits you take damage and become high. This could be some modification/combination of poison headcrab and howler effects (make it more colorful!).

Either that or make the smoke cloud a close range area attack that makes you high.

Edited by Cheeseman
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