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Editor plugin + Mapping rules for MTA


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To get a better average map quality we'll be enforcing some new rules for new maps on both servers.
Currently our servers have plenty of "ordinary" maps so from now on our map managers need to be a bit more restricted on uploading maps. This means that from now some maps won't get uploaded unless they're good or needed. With this new enforcement it makes sense that many of our outdated and badly rated maps get deleted.

Upload maps via Discord in the #mta-map-uploads channel.



We have a editor plugin to help with creating mix maps and adding gm checkpoint settings.

- Copy the mrgreen folder into \server\mods\deathmatch\resources\
- Replace race.edf in \server\mods\deathmatch\resources\[gamemodes]\[race]\race\edf\race.edf

To create a new map:
- Add race and mrgreen definitions
- Add race gamemode
- Set the racemode in Map settings -> Gamemode settings -> Mrgreen -> racemode and save



Your maps should be tested and then uploaded via Discord in a zip package with inside only your meta.xml, .map and script files.

The zip file size has to be under 3MB, the total has to be below 5MB unzipped.

Exceptions can be made for some maps with custom object models, NOT custom vehicles or music.

Map managers should not have to fix your map, so make sure everything is correct before you upload.
If you want to add extra <include> resources upload them in a separate zip file and Yoshi or Bier will review them.
Adding the mode to the map name would be nice, also don't forget the original author to the credits.
Keep the filename of your map simple and don't forget to add the mode with -. No one will ever see the filename so you don't need to add your nick for credit.
RTF-Big Smoke (For Danchikus).zip
If you're making a map different from the default race/dd game modes, you need to specify it in the meta.xml file. All scripts are done on the server, no need to add anything else. Example:

<meta>    <info gamemodes="race" racemode="rtf" type="map" name="pipes" author="lolmam" version="1.0.0"></info>    <map src="pipes.map" dimension="0"></map>

Race (gamemodes="race"):

Checkpoints and spawn points.
Make sure checkpoints have decent respawn positions and try to warn the player with different colours for vehicle changes.
Add repairs and nitro if needed.


If you want to change the dynamic ghostmode checkpoint trigger, use the editor and go to Map Editor > Definitions and add mrgreen. Then go to Map settings > Gamemode settings then under mrgreen, "ghostmode_checkpoint" OR use this line in your meta.xml: (You can change the number 14 to the number of the checkpoint you want the ghostmode to be disabled).

        <setting name="#ghostmode_checkpoint" value="14" /> 

If you want to add laps to your race simply add the following line in your meta.xml (change the values to the corresponding checkpoint id's)

<setting name="#laps" value="5,9,11,13" />

Never The Same - NTS - (gamemodes="race" racemode="nts"):
Same rules as Race and checkpoints should be set to change to a vehicle type with the editor plugin!

Only the base 3 colors should be used on a NTS map. (Red for air, Blue for vehicles and Green for boats).  


NTS maps should be shortcut free and checkpoints should also have a proper distance between each other, not to long nor to short.

Always keep in mind that with the randomizer most maps take almost as double of the time to complete, so try to keep it fair but fun as well.


Never The Same Demolition Derby - NTS DD - (gamemodes="race"):
An NTS-DD map is the same as a regular DD, minimum 50 spawn points with some pickups.

Just keep in mind to choose good place for the spawn. The vehicles changes to large/huge vehicles so don't get stuck.

Shooter - SH - (gamemodes="race" racemode="shooter"):
Simply add spawn points to a large spaced area with some obstacles for cover. If you want to add vehicles pickups make sure they're fair to everyone. Maps with Karts, Bikes or Rhino (tank) won't be accepted.

No shift to jump on SH

Shooter map settings:

SH Jump Custom Height - min: 2 - max: 8 (default: 2.5)
If using a high jump height, be sure to have auto repair on too!

        <setting name="#shooter_jumpheight" value="5" /> 

SH Auto Repair 
Autorepair works differently than most current auto repair scripts from map makers.
This "autorepair" makes players immume to any damage other than rockets.

        <setting name="#shooter_autorepair" value="true" /> 

Capture The Flag - CTF - (gamemodes="race" racemode="ctf"):
You need to place two unique flag objects in the respective bases with the editor plugin.
Spawn Points should be added to a team red or blue with the editor plugin.
Try to provide different roads to the flag so it's not impossible to capture it, and provide some kill opportunity between the bases.
Reach The Flag - RTF- (gamemodes="race" racemode="rtf"):

RTF maps should have an high level of difficulty to finish, but take in consideration that only 1 player will win so try keep it simple as well.

Shortcuts are NOT allowed.

Flag should be placed with the editor plugin.

DeadLine - DL - (gamemodes="race" racemode="deadline"):
Simply add spawn points to a large spaced area with some obstacles for cover. If you want to add vehicles pickups make sure they're fair to everyone.
Remember to make your map big enough!
Maps with Rhino (tank) won't be accepted.

DeadLine map settings:

DL Custom Minimum Speed - min: 40 km/h - max: 120 km/h (default = 70 km/h)

        <setting name="#deadline_minimumspeed" value="90" /> 


  • No serverside scripts (unless with permission from @Nick_026).
  • Check your debug output with /debugscript 3, no one likes error spam.
  • Scripts like race-huntbot, puma markers, CoreMarkers should be used with <include>. The server has a copy so it does not have to be copy pasted in every map
    • <include resource="Puma-Markers" />
    • <include resource="coremarkers" />
    • <include resource="race_huntbot" />
  • Music or vehicle mods is only allowed if it fits the map theme (example: kungfu map has a kungfu song) and is relatively small.
  • Always add the bind M to turn off/on the music on your map.
  • You can add custom sky and water colors, as long as they aren't distracting or annoying (bright flashing colours are NOT allowed).
  • No unnecessary chat spams asking for likes etc.





If your map is deleted, it will show up in /deletedmaps


Other/old map rules:



Vinii's topic: http://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/14776-location-of-mappers-helpscriptstoolsresourcesmodstutorial/

Check this topic if you want to add Random Markers script to your map.

Csena's topic: http://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/5133-how-to-use-custom-vehicle-objects-skin-music-in-mta/

AleksCore's markers topic: http://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/16906-core-markers/


New Map Rule:

Don't add binded likes into maps

Edited by Nick_026
Updated file size
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Theme? Explicit theme or implicit theme?


Plenty of maps have the mod's mp3 that fits into the mood of the map in an abstract or tangential manner, far better than the standard gta radio. More often than not they fit the theme better.


Giving the option to choose between standard or modders map, if there really is an issue.


Long maps usually have longer music...

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