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Again map buy problem

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 Seriously do something about map buying.
Again today some stressed out player who wanted to ruin a lot of other peoples gameplay, spammed 10 maps of the same mode.
This is not something that should be normal.
I suggest you add a map buy limit... like 2 maps per hour for each account or something.
A lot of people raged because of 1 guy who was pissed because he sucked at everything but nts.
This is a suggestion I think most will agree on! -_-

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there was a time where NTS was the most amazing thing and everybody than joined mix just wanted to play this mode, but now you guys just want to get rid of NTS?

If you like DD or SH there is absolutely an amazing amount of servers that have that, but NTS, how many servers has NTS mode?

And about the limit, I think yes there should be one but if a player buys maps is because he wants to play them, and he has to spend quite a big amount of GCs, something many players cant even get if it wasnt for those modes they hate so much like CTF, if you win you get 13 GCs! C'mon thats a lot for newbies.

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@those who said remove nts>
I never said anything about removing NTS , nor was this topic directed as hate towards that mode.
All I suggested is that a map buy limit should be implemented so that people can stop spamming maps, so that more players can enjoy their favorite game mode, because lets be honest.... not all players play good and cant win most of the time (due to lack of skill or low fps because of low end computers)
So modes like SH , DD or even CTF come as an welcomed change to NTS and RTF wich are mostly ( 90%) won by old skilled players (and yes i admit I suck at rtf)
An old player that has too much extra GC will oftain spam hard maps or from any game modes (usually NTS) wich make other people rage.
I actually like NTS , but other modes are welcome as a change of pase, and when somebody does that spamming thing, usually ruins other players game.

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Idea: each user can only buy 3 maps every 24h


Are you kidding me?



// Solve


  • Block possibility buy two the same map type  (SH, NTS etc.) by the same personalizado


  • If nobody buy map after somebody, player must wait 30 minutes to buy next the same map type.



(If I made some mistake, correct me.)

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