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About the new CarGame gamemode in MIX server.



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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Make CarGame a seperate gamemode.
    • Remove CarGame.
    • Keep it the way it is now.

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Hello. So this CarGame mode has been added to the MIX server. The system makes CarGame (cg) mode appear either 2/3 times during SH, or 1/3 times. Because cg has been added, I have spotted, that skipping SH has increased. Some players like the new mode, some players hate it, and maybe some players like it the way it is (switching between cg and normal sh during the sh map)


So, I suggest making a voting topic on the forums with these options:

1.Make CarGame a seperate gamemode;

2.Remove CarGame;

3.Keep it the way it is now.


Me, personally, would like to make CarGame a seperate gamemode or remove it, because skipping SH is really annoying for me :P




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I won't be agreeing to have it as a separated gamemode. Correct me if I'm wrong; you want to have two SH modes which will have 3 rounds for normal SH and for CG.

I got some ways to solve this, first, 3 rounds of normal SH and just 1 round of CG as a separate gamemode (ex. RTF>NTS>CTF>SH>NTS>CG [added NTS round between SH and GC since it could be skipped]). 


Remove CG


And the best idea, keep it as it is now. 


As I like NTS and it gets skipped many times even for crap CTFs I also could suggest to add another NTS/3rounds on gamemode rotation, but as it would be declined, I also would decline to change the things now.

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