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Guess who's back

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Whatup bro's and sis'


I'm Knul aka JNS and I know that I already introduced myself.. But fuck it right? We"ll die someday..


So I know I'm not the nicest guy you'll see here, but I love this server.
And really, fuck all the wigga's who disrespect me, like I know I'm a fuckwid too but yo... 


I fucking love Hip-hop / Rap.. I listen oldskool shit .. Like really, fuck them wack ass rappers like Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake (who needs to jump in a lake, cause he a fake snake)


Oh yeah  I know I said that I was gonna quit this crap server, but I can't cause this isn't crap, this is 40% of my gaming life lol.. I play here since 2011 and I saw aloooooooooot of shit..


BUT YO... You can choose.. Y'all want a fucking annoying Knul (like the ol' days) or a nice Knul (like I never was)


I LOVE YOU GUYS... f*ck binslayer <3


idk why i posted this, probably on some methadon or something idk.

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On 15.3.2016 at 7:36 PM, Knul said:

So I know I'm not the nicest guy you'll see here, but I love this server.


W-what? You are like an angel, you are the most sweetest, kindest person I know man. I wish I could be as nice as you are. Keep it up brother.  I know you are trying to be all hard but you happened to be white and nice. 

>video related me and Knul (I'm the guy sitting on the stairs) 


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They are all here,except that Tuco guy.

It's not that cringe,but I think you were not sober when you wrote this :D

I also love Rap..but Drake is one of the few newschool rappers I like.

This server is 50% of my gaming,other half are single-player FPS games (mostly)

And it depends on the person if you are kind or not.

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