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Blocking Str8kash Again


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First of all, wtf is that sound dude.....and i gotta agree with what Stroth said here. Although he should have pressed B, he didn't block as his ambulance was stuck (or maybe he did but is coincidence xD). No ban imo, not this time. Aaaand, map is stupid af, why you even waste time reporting him on a map which should have gm on or get deleted :D I saw a lot of blocks on that map, that's how author intended it afaik, so del and no ban kash plz (:

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30 minutes ago, Stroth said:

This is not blocking imo, as you can see on the video the front of his vehicle is stuck in the gap of the object. He's just trying to get out of that gap.

He is in that area to block, on that map ambulance is spawned on race laps nowhere near that spot.

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