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ZarcoTheDuck's Zombie Survival application


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Gameserver: Zombie Survival

Age: 17

Country of origin: England

Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081009918

Ingame name: ZarcoTheDuck

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello, so over the years of playing Garry's mod Mr green gamings zombie survival server had stuck on me and I loved it, now I say I loved it as I am only just joining back after not having played in around a year. Having said that I am very experienced with zombie survival and really enjoy playing it I was part of Mr green from the very start pretty much and witnessed all of the developments that went on around it.

Now the reason Mr green has stuck on me so much is because it is just so unique, it has what every other server is lacking, the ability to change and adapt to constantly keep its players happy and the fact that and the community is very friendly and good to play with. Now I know there are going to have been some major changes since I last played but I intend to pick them up quickly and meet all of the new zombie slayers as I do so anyway enough rambling on about why I love Mr green so much, now for why I think I would make a great staff member.

I believe that I would make a great staff member as I am very friendly and love to have fun but I also know the limits and how to manage particularly tricky situation be it someone hacking and dealing with it swiftly to ensure everyone has the best game play experience possible or something as little as a bug and dealing with that so that everyone can enjoy themselves. I have also co-owned 2 zombie survival servers granted they were nothing like Mr green and was admin on Mr green for about a week before my pc died and I lost all of my games (I didn't reinstall gmod until recently and even then I haven't really played much) however now that I know Mr green is back up I want to do everything I can to help and if that means just inviting friends to make it just that little bit more popular so be it. I would also like to add that I am very active on my pc and will be able to play the server almost all the time. Thank you for reading - ZarcoTheDuck 


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You were a great player when you played, and obviously you left for understandable reasons.


I'm very pleased to see you're back and want to be apart of the community again :) 

Damien ha does the admin apps and I expect he'll review it when we release and start looking for admins for the server :3

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