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Mr.Green Suggestions To-do List.

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Most of these are suggestions and ideas based of what I've watched from previous versions of Mr.Green Zombie Survival.
I tried to analyze the main things which make up for this gamemode being different from Nox, so that it feels different and plays different.
The list isn't  complete yet and I will add more later on. 

Here are a couple videos I've been watching in the past:




Reduce normal zombie hit damage
Why? - In the original version you will notice that zombies are faster and do 25 damage.
Theoretically zombies are more stronger/lethal than poison zombies which there is only 10 damage
different, while their movement speed and attack speed is quicker.

Reduce fast zombie pounce damage
Why? - I also analyzed from old mr green videos that reducing the fast zombie pounce damage will
promote more running and gunning survival. Currently fast pounce damage is = 10 per hit. (Nox)
Reducing it to around 5-6 per hit will make it balanced enough so fasties aren't overpowering in numbers.

Reduce ethereal wraith damage/speed
Why? - It is currently using nox stats which isn't right for this type of gamemode, like the old version it 
should have at least 20-30 hit damage, with a decent delay time per hit. Speed is also an important factor.
Speed should also be slightly reduced and match normal zombie speed if not slower.

Remove shade
Why? - Waste of time, and its too Nox like to have it in the gamemode. Zombies can prop kill now so why have it
in the gamemode. Smells of Nox.

Nails and props
Why? - Health of nailed props should be reduced and their durability should be increased. At the moment nails are widely available 
and not hard to get, as classes spawn with them now. Reducing their health will promote support to keep healing the prop constantly
rather than just nailing a shit ton of props and not healing them for the sake of having loads of nails to your disposal.
If you combine the method of having loads of small props nailed + blow torch cades become seriously annoying for zombies to break through
especially at lower rounds.


SP Notifications
Why? - Currently white numbers show from zombies you deal damage too, although this works it would be better if
the color was more vibrant, eg orange, like the older version so its easier to see. The number should also be written
as 'SP: 2' which will make it easier for newcomer players to understand why these numbers are.

Supply Drop Features
Why? - This could be a feature to increase more movement in survival. Using Pufulets script maybe we can use this.
At the end of each wave, supply drops could be called in, which will give humans access to more exclusive weapons/tools to
aid themselves in survival, which can't be found within the supply crate. These tools are more effective for survival, so
humans will be more inclined to leave their cade if they want to survive. Supply drops will have to be called in and humans
will need to wait... meaning they will need to go in groups and protect themselves in the open till it comes.
This will give the opportunity also for new cool weapons to be implemented, as a reward for the humans efforts.
The original Mr.Green notification arrow could also be implemented with this to make it more nostalgic. 

Supply Crate Outline
Why? - Adding a green outline to the supply crate which can be displayed through the map for humans, will stop players
from wondering where the crate is. No need to constantly ask in chat. Old version had this feature.

Original Mr.Green Sounds
Why? - Adding original Mr.Green sounds will make it feel more like Mr.Green rather than a modified version of NOX.
Examples of Mr.Green sounds include; weapon pickup sound, high infliction sound, zombie unlocked, endgame, reload sounds and last humans.

Headcrab Heads
Why? - Lets add some headcrabs to zombies heads, we want it to stay true to Mr.Green right?

Weapon Side Panel
Why? - Re-adding the weapon side panel would be good for older players to get a feel of the original gamemode
Adding a option in the menu to turn it off and on will suit both sides.

Poison Headcrab Visual Effects
Why? - Original poison headcrab visual effects should be added, eg. Poison Ball effect and Human Poisoned Aura.

Hurt Visuals
Why? -  Remember the visuals the game makes when you are hurt? Those should be re-added into the gamemode and can be
added in options to turn off and on.

Custom Crosshairs
Why? - It would be nice for certain guns to get different crosshairs, it would be efficient for shotguns to get a circular
crosshair rather than the same crosshairs all around. 

Boss Health
Why? - It would be nice to see a return of the boss health bar which display the bosses health alongside its name.

Adding Assist Zombie Kills.
Why? - This an important feature in the old version which allowed humans who deal high damage to zombies
to at least get an assist which would add up to a brain.



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Radavec has quite a few good ideas actually, I feel like the game has to be a bit more user friendly, like he said, I also preferred it when sp was shown next to a kill and it is given the appropriate reason as to why that SP was awarded, such as for headshots and such. I feel like the old way that the game ran (kills for sp, certain amount of sp gave you a gun upgrade depending on your class, and the amount of zombies:humans ratio affected what guns would be given at the supply crate, this also made choosing your class more important as it would affect what weapons you'd get in the later game, now however, any class can get any weapon easily) worked so much better than the SP shop system (I think this slows down the game and also makes the game much more linear as people can buy the same guns every game if they wanted to, a weapon being randomly awarded to you varied the game play more) as I think buying guns in a menu is slower paced, the old way mr.green did it was unique and now I think every zombie survival server thinks buying weapons from a supply crate is the way to go...

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I'd love, if they would bring back headcrabs on top of zombies (sounds like a headcrab humping a zombie, GONE SEXUAL), but yeah. I'd love if the old zombie with headcrab would return <3.


btw talent tree, would be gud.

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  • Greens

Yea I feel like we have lots to still implement, but we are ready for this weekend after a few more minor updates. 

The way I want you all to look at this is that we have a gamemode, which can be developed by the community, as an open Beta. We can all play it and see what gameplay aspects we can develop into something cool and new :) We will get the Mr.Green feeling again, but I feel copying the past will only get us so far. We need to create a new Mr.Green feel to the gamemode using new and old gameplay aspects! :) 


The one thing I will say is, we won't be doing anything brash or massive gameplay wise as we need to get ourselves a stable player base first. So please be patient regarding that.

I will be creating a new topic with all the low down later this week, after all the testing I'm sure we are going to stand a good chance in becoming a popular community again. I would like to thank all of our Beta testers for helping me test and find bugs. Its been great fun and obviously all the old fags will get their dues as well. ;) 


All information regarding the main future developments will be posted later this week, but for now here is the latest change log from Git.

-Added Dual Degal files

-Added New Zombie bosses images

-Combined Wraith and Etherial

-Lowered Chipper Damage

-Lowered Famas damage

-Fix for Medkit bar alignment

-Fix for Zombie hit detection issues

-Added maximum health function

-Added fixed OldFags table

-New human class properties and descriptions

-Lowered SP given for killing some zombie classes

-Added Zombie HUD graphic back (Removed by accident)

-Lowered starting weapon damage

-Dual classic pistols/five seven are no longer automatic

-New workshop item

-Supply/Mob crates now have a pre round display

-Mobile supply class max health fixed

-Ammo world model bug fixed

-Dual degal force reduced

-Nerf can attack while moving

-Balanced pulse pistol

-Temp Seeker world model fix

-Zombie base prop kill fix

-Potential hit detection fix

-Human HUD further refinement

-Last human has a Sledge hammer instead of Katana

-Dice Win bug fix

-Fixed end round chat box bug

-Refined end game screen

-Added close button to the SP shop

-Removed zombine

-Increased tickle monster HP and speed

-Removed turret and Supply crate from SP shop (balance issues)

-Fixed font issue on Mob and Arsernal supplies

-Another potential fix on hit detection

-Refined SP shop close button

-Updated Trace hull with new ZS github code

-More information added on the classes menu

-Some zombies give more SP

-PukePuss has more HP

-New melee Trace meta

-Reverted zombie base back to GitHub version (Debug for hit detection


-Cleaned up Mobile Supply code

-Added a test weapon to the admin menu

-Lowered Etherial damage

-Lowered Normal Zombie damage

-Added some more old fags

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