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MoshPit Blocker (Video Proof)

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31 minutes ago, sweetsandy said:

Last time i did that mosh killed me saying its not allowed x)

when i told sdk he was buyin iwfmd to slow the game down and idle at the end he blocked me on every map hehe. sry, i like bein honest, nothing personal, i still think hes a good admin (now) and grander is a gigantic shithead.

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8 minutes ago, MegasXLR said:

Since this ain't in the right section anyone can post in :D

It's just one time dude...lol

+ he's admin, admins>law<sdk

Conslusion: wait for @SDK or just forget it happened xD

PS @wooozie, last time I saw you & @MoshPit you hated eachother so much. :) I'm surprised :P

lol, we dont hate each other. its just a game.

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This was not a block it was revenge that guy killed me first. If he would show the whole vid it would show Roman go by without me killing him. The only reason he posted this vid is because He killed me 3 or 4 times on the first play of the map and ruined my race so I /k str8  and ruined his race on that round.

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This R4MKRASH guy is as credible as a roll of toilet paper. He is probably the only one on the server constantly blocking/ramming others off, then starts bitching about it when he gets his share of it, + he is always editing his videos in a way, that he will look like an innocent sheep. He is just a 12 y/o troll jerking off to these situations. I think I pretty much summed it up. My monologue ends here. I'm out.

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