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SDK retirement & Flipper new MTA Manager


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After many years of playing on the MTA servers, helping out with scripting and in the end do a great job at managing the server @SDK will retire somewhere in the coming weeks. He'll still be available to help when needed. I want to personally thank him for his great work the past years!

SDK personally recommended @Flipper to take over his position as MTA server manager. Even though he hasn't been an admin for a very long time, we're sure he is able to take over SDK his position. Congratulations Flipper!


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Congratz to my bro @Flipper. I have no idea what to say here, really :lol: But I want to thank @SDK as well for helping me out with questions i had about lua, servers and whatnot. I hope you'll still be on IRC from time to time EsDeKa, just so I can say "hi" to ya :) Good luck with everything you got going and thanks again, won't forget what you did.

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SDK, I really really wish that I could find a way to properly thank you... but there's just not enough words for it. You have been such an incredible help for all these years. Nothing would have been the same without you. And you know what, you are always a humble person, but if there's one person who deserves a lot of credits, it's you. So take them, and hold them well. ;)

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