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The Mr. Green maps top 100 - nominations

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I want to introduce a new event to you! In the coming weeks we'll compile a list of the best 100 maps present on the Mr. Green MTA servers. Whether it is race, nts, dd, sh, ctf, or rtf this list will contain all the classics, the best of the best race maps, the ones who require the highest skill and contain the most fun. We start this by first nominating the maps that you think belong in this top 100 in this topic. After that we move on to the voting stage and finally we play all the maps on an event somewhere between christmas and 31 december.


To nominate a map for the top 100 you can submit a post in this topic with the name of the map and optional the author. That is useful for maps which have the same name or look like each other. A list of the maps on the server can be found here (does not include DD, SH or CTF).

(Optional) author:

There are some rules to nominating the maps.

  • Do not nominate maps which are not present on the Mr. Green server (that means also no removed maps)
  • Do not nominate your own maps.
  • You may nominate as many maps as you want.


It is possible to nominate maps until 14 december!

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My first nominees are:

Mapname: Downshift 2

Author: Msd


Mapname: Hell choose me

Mapname: Whetstone Falls 3

Mapname: Nitronica Coaster 4

Mapname: tma-sa3

Mapname: Never the same

Mapname: [NTS]Chaos Circuit

Mapname: Canyon_DR1F7

Author: Daniek

Mapname: Bridge Race 2

Author: [SKC]Csenahun

Mapname: Pirate uber epic cookie race 3 v2

Author cookie

Mapname: Stillwaterbullet


I'll update this post later on.

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[SH] Ma Nigga Ma nigga - Nitro 

i remember dah turkish play time, every day 50x bought (mr.reese : buy ma nigga ma nigga plsplspls )

[NTS] Marathon - Jededo 

i remember when i won it for the first time and got my first NTS Achievement

[NTS] MrGreen Journey  1 - 4 - Anton

best of the selfmade maps ever

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[SH] Exterminate by Fartovyi

[SH Ma Niga Ma Nigga by NITRO & NorTon

[SH] 2015 by NITRO

[SH] Never The Same by Jededo

[SH] Super Pro by NITRO

[NTS] Alive by neox

[NTS] Lover on The Sun  by FukLeL

[NTS] Secrets by FukLeL

[NTS] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1, 2, 3, 4 by NITRO

[NTS] Timber by NITRO

[NTS] Jededo6 by Jededo

[NTS] PitBull by qReW

[NTS] The Mr Green by Fartovyi

[RTF] Stereo Mexico

[RTF] Zero Nuisance by qReW

[RTF] Nitrox - Never The Same by NITRO

[RTF] Nitrox - Welcome to Brazil by NITRO & zIssei

[RTF] Stand Point by qReW

[RTF] BMXtreme by FantomicYoashi

[RTF] Black Magic by qReW

[RACE] IWMD 1, 2

[RACE] Argentina Style

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[Race]Bobcat BLASTAround


[Race]Stillwater Bullet

[Race]Digital Desert

nvm, if we are talking about "race" maps:

MSD Desert Enduro

MSD Amigos

Wu Zi Mu

Fu Zi Mu

Sunshine Hotel


Farewell My Love


Four by Four

DraDragon Dakar (all parts)




Sultans Of Swing


Airport Acrobatics

Offroad Cows


Miami Vice


Comet Sense


Where The Fuck Is The Cinema


Super Wikkis


Foshizzler Way (all parts, which are exist on green)


ok, thats all I reminded for this moment

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8 hours ago, Bierbuikje said:

Are you sure? :o


We are almost ready for the voting stage therefore nominating maps is only possible until next week wednesday (14 december) and then we'll move on to the voting stage!

Yr and all Bierbuikje maps to

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[ctf] docks
[ctf] sedans by gregiv
[ctf] squares
[dd] prisoner 1-24
[dd] vegas
[dd] lonney tunes
[nts] maelstorm
[nts] dreamers
[nts] 21 guns
[nts] area forest
[nts] mastercup edit by dani
[nts] outro by gregiv
[nts] rocks
[nts] stroth nine years mrgreen
[nts] to hell 1-5
[nts] warhammer
[rtf] project dm
[sh] base by gregiv
[sh] bayshot
[sh] glen park
[sh] never the same
[sh] parkingrulesXXL


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