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Enjoy reading!

What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: 

My Name Is Ali , NoOvL , 12 and I live in Egypt , Minya .

What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: 

Frist of all I started play MTA Sence 2014 And the frist server i have been Was FFS Gaming I saw there too Nice player,Members And Leaders.

After This i went to Twisted Gamers i Went there cuze my friends Tw!x and Azooz are playing there but it's not nice like ffs but the nice thing on it is the sb :D

At the End i went to Elite Racers (3R) Also The same things in ffs but have too simple gammode this is just the thing that make ffs better than 3R.

Atleast I went out of all of thies server and i knon about 6s and i rate it the best server i have ever seen better than ffs ,3R and TG!!_And I hope it became better also i loved 6s because have too nice Scripts and To play with my love TurBo|6s

Have you been in any other clans?: 

Death Eeaters (DE/')-Member- (Left)

Ghost Killers (GhK//)-Founder- (Left)

Dw ' Don't Worry (Dw')-Member- (Left)

Underground RoadZ (Ur')-Member (Left)

Black Gaming -BG// -SH Leader-(Left)

Divinity Gamers -DG| -Trial(Kicked)

Road RunnerZ rZ' -Trial(Left)

Zero Fear! ZF'-Member (Kicked)

Zero Fucks Given ZFG' -Founder(Left)

Nothing To Lose NTL-Member- (Kicked

Xtreme Mother Fuckers -Founder-(Left) 

Monster Gamers |MG| -SH Leader- (Left)

Revolution Gaming rG| -Founder- (Closed)
What are your expectations in our clan?: 

I'm expecting a clan with high ambitions, trying to do as much as they can in order to make their goals come true. I expect to have a lot of fun, with some cool and friendly people.
In addition to that, I expect a cool and friendly atmosphere inside the clan with the members willing to help out each other and community members and maintain the good atmosphere without
any bigger incidents.

How would you be useful to us?: 

I can Help In Clan Wars , Too good in TeamWork , I know Tricks That Can Help the clan players. , Help The players - 

I can Help The Clan in TooMuch Things. Also i can Help In desiging.

Something more to add: 

I hope To Enjoy My Join Request and for any Question you Can contact me in skybe aliaiman.lelo123.

and i hope i join the clan because it's the nice clan and sorry for the format cuze i tried to generate new one :D 

Cheers , NoOvL#~

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