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Event timing  

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  1. 1. What time you want the event to start?

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On Friday night (8:00 GMT) I will be on mix server and I will start setting chosen maps by the players. If you are interested to play ANY map you want in mix server. Just post the map you would like to play (Only 1 map per player). Its only a little event and I hope you guys like and enjoy it.

Current players and maps that they have chosen:

1- Accident - [NTS] The Journey Andreas 4

2- Mad - [DD] Daisy Duke

3- Race - [SH] Exterminate

4- MaFiAA - [DD] DeathIsland

5- Maher - [SH] Big F*cking Madness

6- Stig - [NTS] Marathon 

7-  mr.reese - [DD] Looney Toones

8- RNQ - [NTS] Sunday

9- Henry - [NTS] Megadeth 

10- LeNy - [SH] FBI

11- Yoshi - [NTS] Chaotic Circuit 

12- Gwaizda - [SH] Ma NiGGa Ma NiGGa

13- Goph - [RTF] A great adventure

14- Behemoth -  [RTF] Zero Nuisanse

15- Cock - [RTF] Stairs

16- Nitrox - [RTF] Noob vs Professional

17- neox. - [NTS] No Angels

18- Sandro - [NTS] Cenation II

19- Kohl - [RTF] Never The Same

20- FaPAssNtitties - [DD] Rise of the Devil

21- Hilton - [NTS] Runaway

22- r0cK - [NTS] Bailando #//

23- Dubstep - [SH] Base y Gregiv

24- PUBLIC - [NTS] LoWis

25- Kneelz - [NTS] Rias_- I'm Back!

26- Nee - [DD] Car Attack

27- Jesus - [NTS] Ultra Marathon

28- Goldberg - [NTS] Marathon 3

29- Cena - [NTS] Cenation III


Waiting for the rest of you to choose the map he wants ^^ 

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This topic will be auto locked before the event by 1 hour, so make sure to post your map before that time. Thanks ^^ 

Some players complained about the event timing being late, so you can vote when would you like the event to start. 

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Just now, mr.reese said:

This will be nice, thank you for organize this event. 
I think some kind of point system would be good. It could make the event more exciting.

the first 12 players get points ? maybe

1st = 12 points


12 = 1points

or first 10 players get points

1 = 25

2 = 18

3 = 15

4 = 12

5 = 10

6 = 8

7 = 6

8 = 4

9 = 2

10 = 1

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First 10/12 players of what? Don't forget I am doing this manually (setting each map 1 by 1) so me taking track of every player who finish/win the map wouldn't be nice for me. I wanna play too :P Maybe I can ask @Bierbuikje one day in the near future to organize a better event with some basic scripts of his own.  

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@Moh I would like to change my vote as I thought these times were in Central European Time instead of Greenwich Mean Time. 

Change my vote from 9PM GMT to 7PM GMT, that makes it 9PM CET instead of the 11PM CET I voted.

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On 3/29/2017 at 5:43 PM, r0cK said:

@Moh I would like to change my vote as I thought these times were in Central European Time instead of Greenwich Mean Time. 

Change my vote from 21GMT to 19GMT, that makes it 21:00 Central European Time instead of the 23:00 Central European Time I voted.

Oki, so the current votes are (31 members voted):

5PM GMT = 2 voters.

6PM GMT = 2 voters.

7PM GMT = 13 voters.

8PM GMT = 4 voters.

9PM GMT = 10 voters.

- I am changing my vote too from 5PM GMT to 7PM GMT.

- Mad changed from 8PM GMT to 9PM GMT.

- Dub changed from 5PM GMT to 7PM GMT.

-Maher changed from 6PM GMT to 7PM GMT.

- Race changed from 6PM GMT to 5PM GMT.

- Kneelz changed from 6PM to 7PM GMT.

- Nee added his vote to 7PM GMT.

If you want to change your vote, please make a post about the changes you would like to do.

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18 hours ago, mr.reese said:

We need some ctf. :D  There's 2 good map if you'd like to set because why not. 
ctf-sedans by gregiv

Well, If I will add those 2 maps then it won't be fair for others. 1 map per player, sorry :( 

5 hours ago, RealJesus said:

U L T R A   M A R A T H O N


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