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This evening I would like to report an admin named Stig. Stig was active on the server so I reported a player towards him directly through Steam and he denied to help me.



[ vl ] r0cK: yo mute zzSHANKSzz constant insults
Stig: yes i muted him why ?
[ vl ] r0cK: U sure u muted him? He was insulting me and maina like 5 mins ago
[ vl ] r0cK: Check discord
Stig: oh no i dont mute him
Stig: that was other one
[ vl ] r0cK: aha
[ vl ] r0cK: ^^
Stig: if he insult he must be muted
[ vl ] r0cK: So can you mute him? Because I will be admin in September and I can not mute
Stig: proof ?

zzSHANKSzz: تروحي معايا ماينا نيكك
zzSHANKSzz: لول
zzSHANKSzz: بنروح شي محل قريب
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
LoS|Maina: so u think im girl ?
zzSHANKSzz: no ithink ur gay
zzSHANKSzz: ∗maina∗
zzSHANKSzz: gay name
LoS|Maina: i can make troubles for u little new player
zzSHANKSzz: mk it
 Map '[DD] Daisy Duke' started
 KoM|Chickenbutt has joined
Cynax: ∗shanks∗ gay name
zzSHANKSzz: and smd plz
LoS|Maina: why womens cant drive in SA ?
LoS|Maina: just want to know ?
Dobosz: guys be family frriendly
zzSHANKSzz: so she cant get rapped like u
 Guest1502997483 has left [Quit]
LoS|Maina: yaw nehekmek ya tahan
LoS|Maina: keyboard warrior
 KoM|Stig has left [Timed out]
LoS|Maina: i feel sry for u
zzSHANKSzz: ∗keyboard warrior∗
zzSHANKSzz: gay bitch
zzSHANKSzz: lol
 TwiXe has left [Quit]
Dobosz: guys stop
LoS|Maina: i think guys like this one who make terrotists exist
zzSHANKSzz: Dobsoz u can ride my dick to
Dobosz: your agrue is ussles
Script78rus: duel?
LoS|Maina: he insult u and he dont even knew who u are
Dobosz: looooooool
zzSHANKSzz: ∗terrotists∗
Dobosz: ok i can where and when?
 Cynax has left [Quit]
zzSHANKSzz: learn how to speak english
zzSHANKSzz: then talk
 Map '[DD] Daisy Duke' started
Dobosz: lal
LoS|Maina: rock do somthing plz ,
KoM|r0cK: Maina I am removed from the admin team
 CnT|:BYEBYE has left [Quit]
zzSHANKSzz: bcz ur gay rock
KoM|r0cK: ok :P
KoM|r0cK: brb
KoM|r0cK: going to try smth
zzSHANKSzz: u like to do somthing good for girls to get noticed
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
zzSHANKSzz: bcz ur shit in real life
 KoM|r0cK has left [Quit]
LoS|Maina: he just joined few days ago and start insulting everyone for no reason
zzSHANKSzz: hts why u removed
 NG|Slanik has joined
 KoM|r0cK has joined
 CnT|:BYEBYE has joined
 Map '[RTF]Antidepressant' started
LoS|Maina: i will make fat report for him , and i hope mad deal with it :D
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
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zzSHANKSzz: rock sounds mad
 ∗GBN∗virus.exe has joined
 KoM|neo has joined
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Mr. GreenBOT-vandaag om 21:00

zzSHANKSzz: goo steam
∗GBN∗Piedade: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡; )
 CK|Ste@m finished as 1st
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
CnT|<M-JerrY>: 2
Map '[NTS] LoWis v4' started
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
 DisgustingDog74 has left [Quit]
CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;)
KoM|r0cK: stig is coming
KoM|r0cK: ask him ok

Mr. GreenBOT-vandaag om 21:02

 FaP|AssNtitties has joined
 KoM|Stig has joined
FaP|AssNtitties: i need to join fap
KoM|Stig: back
KoM|Stig: hey r0cky

Stig: wow dont post it here post it in fourms
[ vl ] r0cK: Stig...
Stig: im not the only admin
Stig: tafk
Stig: afk
[ vl ] r0cK: I'm reporting to you directly
[ vl ] r0cK: please do something
[ vl ] r0cK: mute him or you will be reported
Stig: go report
[ vl ] r0cK: Okay sure because your not doing your job
Stig: i will remove you from Steam sorry
Stig is now Offline.

Edited by r0cK
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So instead of reporting the player, you reported the admin. I do not see stig doing anything wrong except for 1 thing (which I said why in the end). You could simply ask any other admin. I know you do not like stig that's why you reported him. However, you reported that player to stig, but not reporting Maina for some reason, because I can see he replied (insulted) back to Shanks. Anyway, I will mute 3 of you. Maina and Shanks for insulting. r0cK for supporting one side and not being totally fair. I will give an official warning to Stig, since its not his first time I see him saying "I am not the only admin online". 

Edited by Cena
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i said that to shut you up sandy   ... anyway i dont belive rock i want him to take screen shot nxet time i  can type what he paste  ..... next time post a report mybe he will defend himself  ... steam not the way to report and idont say anything wrong im not the only admin online im tierd and i was going to sleep cena and neo was online too but away 

Edited by Stig
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I got disappointed of Stig's admin work, Why could you say that you are lazy to mute zzSHANKSzz?

While everything is not going well and the EX admin reports something to you which it means you should solve it, Not to act that "nahhhh im too lazy for this i aint doin some shit, ask other admins"

I got shocked when stig said that his lazy for this 

But to be honest, Stig you are not a admin to me cause i really see (those days) that you are not doing the admin work correctly.

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15 minutes ago, Stig said:

i dont say lazy that was longtime chat btween me and sandy hes trying to make me lose my admin too and im realy sad too read that maher i was think you are my friend :( 

At least leave sandy alone for a while and do the job, cmon it does take less than 30sec so its not total of laziness 

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1 hour ago, Stig said:

who said im not going to do anything i told him to post a report with proof and any admin will help you me or any other admin now stop none sense talk 

Stig to be honest if i was a admin instead of u , I would mute him and do everything only if i had proofs, but meh stig..  

Edited by Maher
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10 hours ago, Cena said:

Anyway, I will mute 3 of you. Maina and Shanks for insulting. r0cK for supporting one side and not being totally fair. I will give an official warning to Stig, since its not his first time I see him saying "I am not the only admin online". 

I have already made my decisions. Locked.

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