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Hello and good evening, Ywa and I have made an official YouTube account for Mr. Green. We will be uploading Mr. Green related videos only, which includes any kind of games. Players will be able to contribute as well and request their videos to be uploaded. Ofc, we will give them credits for their work (Mentioning the real video owner's name and stuff similar to that). You can subscribe already if you want.


If you have any suggestion or ideas on improving our channel. Please leave a comment below. Thanks for your attention.

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Just now, Sky.meh said:

Allright, send me the clips that you want to be in the trailer, i will make one. As an experienced editor i can do shit like that lmao, all up to you if you want me to help

Your help would be nice ofc. I will PM you with the stuff as well. 

1 minute ago, Sky.meh said:

Also make a place for people to submit their clips, so you can make montages 'n stuff

I was thinking for people to just simply send me a PM. You got any other idea?

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38 minutes ago, Sky.meh said:

Looks like nobody is going nowhere with this trailer, just another usual abandoned project with some pretty good potential lol

Why? I did not abandon it and I am still doing videos. I just can't keep recording all by myself 24/7. Thats why I asked for contributers. It might also make others happy by seeing their clips in MrGreen videos in our channel. In fact I am editing a 3rd video rn and I am almost done with it (Most prob will be uploaded tonight and it is also about ETS2). 

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10 hours ago, Sky.meh said:

We need cinematic shots for the trailer.

If you can do that by urself go ahead, so far it is only me who keeps recording and its not that easy (at least for me) to get a nice shot while recording. It takes me a lot to find a good clip(s) after a whole day of recording.

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34 minutes ago, Duby said:

@Cena Would you like some ZS videos? I can get some of the best one's from my channel and give you them. 

Ofc! Anything related to MrGreen would be welcomed!


Edit: Also I have finished another ETS2 video today finally (took me a lot since I was busy irl). I will upload it tonight! :D 

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49 minutes ago, RealJesus said:


1. never post any videos involving DD

2. get pewdiepie on mix

3. ???

4. profit

1. DD is awesome so more DD vids

2. no! He sucks get someone better than that idiotcon mix and stream it and

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On 20 October 2017 at 4:31 PM, Cena said:

Ofc! Anything related to MrGreen would be welcomed!


Edit: Also I have finished another ETS2 video today finally (took me a lot since I was busy irl). I will upload it tonight! :D 

Cool, I'll arrange some videos for you soon, maybe pm me your email address.

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