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Cowchucker In surgery


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Attention Attention: this is not the real cowchucker, this is his cousin... it took me a whole two days to get the username and password from his brother, His mother said i could take over his computer till he's back, im sure he will be mad at me but w/e. To the real news he was having issues with his intestines and he went in for surgery i dont know what the problem is exactly and i dont know why he's in surgery, but i think its something very serious like there is a chance he might die, thats just what i think.

He wont be back for a week or two, so.... dont really know what else to say. I guess, good luck without him? Well im sure he will be fine and be back soon.

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Welcome :)

And do you remember me? You dont like iw i know, but if you will come dont admin abuse! >:o

Darkness, a message from my sneediepie for you:

"Logging in real quick (sneed here) I just read the forum about cow And tell Mr.darkness to read the fucking post better and tell him to go fuck himself (in a kind way)"

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