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Haze's Admin Application


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For my personal info you could visit this link : https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19970-hazes-moderator-application/

I’ve been a moderator for a short period of time now (1 month), though I believe I’ve been proving myself worthy of the position.
In game I spend a lot of time helping out new players, explaining them how everything works. When something doesn’t work out the first time, I’ll find a solution for them.

I also take action when I see players breaking the rules, I’ve got discord on my phone atm. So even when I’m not ingame I keep an eye out for players misbehaving and when they do it’s a matter of seconds before I come online to take action.

I try to be more active on the forum these days, and might I become an admin I’m aiming to spend even more time on the forum.
One of the reason’s I believe I would be fit for the admin position is that I always manage to not pick a side. When there is a discussion, a fight, or anything for that matter, I won’t take action before knowing exactly what’s going on.

Last reason why I’m applying is that I get much satisfaction from helping players, as an admin there are more possibilities to do so. Since I spend a lot of time ingame, I might as well use it to improve/maintain the nice ambiance this game has.


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2 hours ago, HazardousFTW said:

Mix already got a bunch of useless moderators race needs more moderators not “mix”. 


Good luck.

Both server's need mods

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