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Anthony~Vz's Mod Application


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*NOTE: I was GeminiDuUranusi or GeminiUranus, i changed my nickname to the original 3 days ago. (if you want to know the history behind this nickname send me a PM!)


Game server: Mr Green Mix.

Age: 20.

Country of origin: Mexico.

Discord name: Anthony~Vz

Steam: AnthonyVz22

Ingame name: FaP|Anthony~Vz

Hi all, good day!

My name is Anthony Vázquez im 20 years old and i live on the east coast of Mexico. I'm a calm person and i like to help people, most of the time im happy and nice, when im not, i just try to not be rude. Only one or two people really bother me, but it's ok.

I study a  computing  engineering in the Technological Institute of Veracruz. I am on 4th grade.

I have a 55% - 65% of english learned.

I don't study for exams because i learn all on the way. 

I don't like rude people but i can deal with they without losing control. I'm playing mix  between 2 and 4 hours at day so, accessibility wouldn't be a problem if i get the job.

If my superiors need me, i can wake up at 4 am if it is necessary. 

I want to be part of the mr green team as i said, for help people, and being a hispanic community member on the team will be helpful to the spanish talk members.

I know how to know if a map is good or bad, and some rules of mapping. I really want to be part of this team, be more useful. I hope to complete your expectations.






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