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New mod to use on the CSS surf?


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Its this really cool mod i saw, called ReDie.

Basicly, what you do is that you type !redie after you died, and you can practice surfing. Best of all, its in godmode :)

Your skin changes to a smoke granade, so that other players wont think you're an enemy, and all weapons are disabled.

The ONLY bad side of this mod is that you can press buttons (opening Jail etc) But I'm sure it can be fixed :D

Other than that, its great for practicing surfing, and its not so boring after you died :lol:

What do you guys think?

(I'm sorry but i couldn't find a video of it :/ )

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I'd rather install auto-respawn in that case.

Why auto respawn?

This is a sweet mod, because nobody can spawnkill, and the round only lasts as long as it usually does. Nothing bad about it, its just like being a spectator just that you're walking :)

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