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This dude doesn't know he limits // TheMorrocanJOB


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1. Name of the person (exact username) who should be banned : TheMoroccanJOB
2. What server - Mix
3. Reason why he/she should be banned - I always let him talk shit and dont do nothing, because i litteraly give 0 fucks, but this dude goes out of his mind now, he starts insulting based on phyisical looks and in front of everyone in the server he false accuses me for selling drugs and shit his own movie. I aint gonna tolerate this @Cena. @tyfusjap - If u have screenshots of yesterday , all the insulting and shit he did to me, how with my look i can be a drug dealer lmao, i am worthless, poor etc etc, please post it here. Haze and Lord , Pandito and lots of other dudes have seen the chat and they can all confirm. 

Thing with this guy is he instantly provokes or talks shit when he rams u, ITS A FACT, everyone knows it here. When u do , he takes screenshots and posts it as a "proof" , which he will probably do it today too. and TBH, i don't even care, mute me 1 week, i may messed with him but its about INGAME things, tops, rams etc, not PERSONAL LIFE which he took it to. 

I'm asking all the admins to ban this guy, he ruins the fun for everyone :) 


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Thank You for Your report. 

I have contacted TheMoroccanJOB's Mother, we have agreed to first try solve this unpleasant situation without bans. JOB will have to apologize to everyone he have not been nice towards on server. If his critical behaviour continues in the future, MoroccanJOB's Mother said that they will have serious talk and the consequences will be inevitable. MoroccanJOB will have limited acces to computer and internet.


-The Mr. Green Gaming Staff, always at Your service.

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Just some more pic's might they be needed. (keep in mind these are pics of just 2 days, imagine if i would've taken sc's everyday.

As you can see : Blocking, Provoking, Capslock, Insulting and so on. (Racism aswell, but i didnt sc it because back then i thought he was joking)


Job Blocking.png

Job caps 1.PNG

Job Caps 2.PNG

Job Caps 3.PNG

Job Caps 4.PNG

Job Insult.PNG

Job Provoking.PNG


The power of MR Green has Always been the community, not the actual game itself. 
With people like Job, who as soon as they come online start arguing ruin this atmosphere for everyone.
This will result in loyal players leaving aswell as making the server less attractive for new players.

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