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The Grand Guide To Green-Coins


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Hello and welcome to the Grand Guide to Green-Coins!

Basic info

WTF are Green-Coins?

Green-Coins are the currency used by the Mr. Green community. Originally they only existed on the Zombie Survival server, but we now created a global database where players can connect their Green-Coins to one (forum) account, and use them on different game servers. Coded by yours truly B)

What can I do with Green-Coins?

You can buy upgrades, items, or other fancy stuff that you can use ingame!

How do I get Green-Coins?

Most gameservers have their own way of getting Green-Coins. Either by killing players, achieving objectives, or other things. Green-Coins earned on one gameserver can be used to buy stuff on any other gameserver that utilizes them!

Additionally you can DONATE. For each euro donated you get 1000 Green-Coins. Other currencies will be accepted too, just check whatever PayPal translates it to.

How do I donate?

If you log into your account (using your forum details), you see a conveniently placed button that says "I want to donate!". Just follow the simple instructions on there and you're done! Currently we only support PayPal donations.

How do I access this 'global account'?

You probably already have one! It uses the same login email and password as you have on the Left4Green forum (register on the forum if you haven't got an account yet!). When you're ready, just press "Green-Coins" up there on the header bar.


What are subscriptions?

Some gameservers cost quite a bit of extra money to host. For this we introduced subscriptions: if enough people are willing to donate monthly, we're sure we can support a gameserver without running into money problems. Subscriptions are handled by PayPal so you'll need a verified PayPal account!

What does it mean if a subscription is in preliminary stage?

We can't expect people to directly start paying for a subscription if it's not sure that we'll gather the required funds to start hosting fast enough. For this we have preliminary subscriptions: you can show the intent to subscribe. Once enough people have shown this intent, I'll send an email around asking everyone to make the subscription official.

Connecting your games

How do I connect my forum account to my Steam ID?

Log into your GC account, and follow the Steam authentication process under the box saying "Connect Steam account".

How do I connect my forum account to my Minecraft account?

Log into your GC account, and follow the Minecraft account connection process under the box saying "Connect Minecraft account". More detailed step-by-step guide here.

How do I connect with Multi Theft Auto?

Just log in (press F6 to bring up the dialog box) with your forum account details ingame!

What servers are currently connected to this system?

GMod Zombie Survival: Now also using the new system! All Green-Coins earned on the ZS server will be transferred to the database, and can still be spend in the ingame shop!

Team Fortress 2: Also live! You earn GC by playing the game; your scoreboard score, divided by 2, is added to your GC count. You can spend the GC in our shop webpage at http://tf2shop.left4green.com!

Multi Theft Auto: Has GC shop!

Counter-Strike Source: You already earn GC. No shop yet.

Minecraft: GC shop added! Just follow the link on your GC account page. You can get Green-Coins by voting for us on Minecraft serverlist websites.

*UPDATE* A quick note: you are NOT ALLOWED to farm Green-Coins in any way. Repercussions can be in form of bans, losing all your Green-Coins, and / or losing all your bought items.

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