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Hi all, I've just created a Left 4 Green group for Facebook users, I got Ywa's approvement (I'm actually not on Steam so I couldn't really talked to Clavus and Ywa but someone asked Ywa for me :3 ).

I created it to allow people to chat/post videos etc... :)

So, feel free to join us! URL: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=left4green&init=quick#/group.php?gid=171689886864

The group is a private one, so if you want to join you have to send me a request (just click on join, I'll be warned and I'll accept you ;P It's just to avoid spammers or those who are not from here :/ )

It can takes a while before I accept you if I'm not here, but don't worry, I'll accept. (I will try to go on Facebook as much as possible with my haxpod^^)

If Clavus read that, do you agree with its creation?^^" (I can still delete it of course if you don't want :o )

Have fun! :P

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I don't use Facebook or any equivalent social networking websites for that matter.

So basically, I don't care :P

You'll not find me on facebook and stuff like this.

I just don't like it.

But still...it was nice to create a group there I guess

Good idea.

I dont use Facebook or any gallery like irc, so dont care.

Same as you guys.

Good idea but I don't use it.

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I'd join.. but then you'd know my true identity

I'd join.. but then you'd know my true identity

Change your name to a nick then :3 I did it too to save mah haxdentity(and I locked my profile viewing so only friends can see it)

omg, what the fuck is it you people are afraid of? We cant see your real identity via facebook, so no worries with fake nicks and such...

God......... I just cant take it serious.

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