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Hello everyone,

As you may know, i will be taking over @Cena's role and will be leading the community.
Under Cena's leadership we have been planning and working on some great things to improve and grow this community, all of which will continue as planned.
I'm looking forward for us to work togheter on making Mr. Green Gaming the community it deserves to be.

I want to thank @Cena for his work in keeping Mr. Green Gaming alive, and wish him good luck and fortitude in his future endeavors.
Hopefully you'll stick around!


As some members may not know our current plans, here's a list:

Current projects
Some things to look out for in the near future:

- Zombie Survival:
   Read the announcement topic and keep an eye out for news in the ZS forums section and in our discord server.

- MTA:SA Multi Gamemode server
   Will be feature rich, and hopefully a true competitor to our peers.
   Some things planned are tournament/clan wars support, deeper player progression, smoother gameplay experience and of course, rooms/arenas.
   This has been in the planning for quite some time, but i first needed to handle more pressing matters before we could start.
   More on this will be announced soon.

- Website / Infrastructure changes
   New website. It will have dashboards and better integration with our gameservers and other services.
   New backend API. Separated from the website, so we won't have problems with restarts and greencoins transactions/logins.

- Better TruckersMP integration
   As I am not a TruckersMP player, I am going to need some guidence on this.

- GC/VIP Payment options
   In the near future we will be using a payment gateway. What this means is that members will have more payment options, such as paysafecard, SEPA and many other international and local providers

There are some exciting unannounced projects in the works of which you will hear more of when the time comes.
We are also looking to expand in to other games. Feel free to suggest.


Forums changes
As discord took over most of the community's communication, I still see value in our forums. As such, i have a few ideas to improve our forums.
- Ideas/suggestions per gameservers
   This will be a lot better than getting your suggestions and ideas from discord, which would often get overlooked because of other messages.
   Server managers/staff will be able to move suggestions and ideas to an accepted/declined section

- News and announcements per gameservers
   Subforums in game forums would make it more organized to look up news and announcements.
   It will also post to discord directly, which will promote the use of the forums.

- Ban requests/protests per gameservers.

- Layout changes
   Since the update our layout has been borked. This should be fixed. We should also provide dark mode.

- Team forums
    Teams should have a subforum where they can discuss amongst theirselves. We can use the forum's club feature for this.


Events are a fun way for us to engage with each other.
Thats why i'm welcoming any community members with great ideas willing to run them.


Last but not least, I'd like to thank our devs for building our community, our staff for putting in the effort keeping our community enjoyable, the donators that help fund our community and our players that keep the community alive.

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