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Zombie Survival is delayed.


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Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you are interested in the return of Mr.Green. But since the release and promise of our teaser trailer, promising that we will release it by the end of summer, we had some time to re-think our goals and, our wishes for this community. I have decided to postpone the launch because we as a team don't think it's ready yet. We want to have a successful launch, we don't want to ruin your nostalgia or your expectations. Also I do not wish to put any pressure on our developers or overwork them, since they are human beings and they do have private lives. 

This doesn't mean that something bad has happened. Everything is on track and is moving very smoothly, it's just that I gave the developers an unrealistic launch date. 

I take full responsibility for my actions.

What @LuCkEr-and @Chikennugget1 is doing, is something I should not take for granted. As of this, as written in the title, the launch is delayed, I don't know when we will have an official at the moment but we will try to specify it, we will still have public and private testing as planned. 

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I think this was the smartest decision in general, better delay it and have it be high quality in general, that's much better than releasing something unfinished and far from the actual mark, as much as we may have desired to give it a try, this is the best thing to do in the end. Thank you for communicating with the rest of the community and allow us players to know.

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