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Creditz to nugget for the blowjob and idea

That fun website you talk to random people.

Post your random conversations that happened in omegle here.

Some guy is going to get two free planets from aliens, lucky guy:

Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hello earth specimen

You: we come in peace

Stranger: thats alright then

You: we come galaxy from away far far

Stranger: was that using worm hole tech or just bending the speed of light to suit your purposes?

You: we come

You: galaxy from away far far

Stranger: andromeda?

You: yes

Stranger: nice

You: we seek to reproduce our specimen with your female specimen

You: our dead is

You: horrible cancer

Stranger: so basically you have come from a long way to shag our women rather than sing your massively advanced technology to sort a cure or a prevention for the disease. not sure the women are really going to be up for that

You: cancer unbeatable is

You: everything tried we

You: my wife http://blogs.fayobserver.com/faytoz/files/2008/08/yoda.jpg

You: see?

You: dead now

Stranger: is your translator broken as you appear to be speaking very bad english

You: we think broken yours is

You: you speak our language none

You: we try best ours

Stranger: well you are the ones with the more advanced civilisation and advanced technology and we are mearly clever monkies with dillusions of grandure

You: we come in peace

You: monkey

You: very good sex

You: no bad unless want you

You: give permission us to half you woman

You: and

Stranger: well im sorry to be a disappointment but im a male monkey and to be honest im not sure wether our species would be genetically viable

You: we give you

You: one planet

You: and

You: rest

You: your woman

Stranger: nah no deal

You: you get

You: two planet

Stranger: are they nice planets? we dont want any old planet and we will have to make sure that we have a suitable selection of every species from the planet so that we can recreate what we have already as its not a bad place we have here

You: no

You: you get two planet

You: all yourself

You: very nice

You: fleshlight trees

You: alies specimen ladies

You: that

You: can not children have

You: so

You: not good for us

You: but

You: good for you

Stranger: a planet to myself? well i would have to take my wife and a lot of my friends to make it reasonably enjoyable plus the working for buildings and electric and staff to run everything

You: we come

You: supply you

You: every day

You: anything want you

Stranger: hmmm, well you can have my other 2 housemates they are bith women so that would be half. does that sound reasonable?

You: no

You: half

You: your planet

You: felmale specimen

You: rest your planet female specimen

You: for you

Stranger: well i fear that asking on here may be a little redundant as there are 2118 people on here and as a cross section of the several billion people in the world its not a good one and i feel that many more important people than me would have some things to say about me making deals like that on their behalf

Stranger: te;; you what you can have the old and the ugly ones and we will keep the rest

You: we need

You: female specimen

You: that

You: reproduce can

You: if other your specimen dont like

You: that

You: no problem

You: we protection give you

Stranger: ok take the ugly ones and im sure there wouldnt be too many objections plus you can have as many chavs as you like

You: they reproduce can?

Stranger: far too often and are putting a strain on the housing of the country so like i say as many as you want and i think everyone will be happy

Stranger: they can reproduce a lot

You: thenk

You: thank

You: very much you

You: we coming start now

You: we arrive your planet will

Stranger: no problem, as quick as you can

You: three hundred years

You: joke you just

You: us expect you friday on

Stranger: cool, will look forward to it

You: nice

You: meet you to

You: earth specimen

Stranger: a pleasure

You: bye good

Stranger: bye

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what the shit

Connecting to server...Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You're now chatting with a random stranger.

Say hi!You:




Stranger: wanker

You: nou

You: so what do you wanna chat aboutYou: pingas?

Stranger: asl

You: waht

You: what is asl

You: new viagra?


Stranger: Age Sex Location

You: i r 6 years oldYou: shemale

You: in russia

You: in soviet russia

Your conversational partner has disconnected. or LINK BLOCKED and LINK BLOCKED LAWL


Connecting to server...You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: ello

Stranger: heeeeeey

Stranger: wats yer name

You: omega pointlux

You: do you want planet earth?

You: i could deliver you the whole star system

You: you just have to say the magic word

Stranger: i dont like earth

You: why

Stranger: ]i believe were all gna dieYou: why

Stranger: the back of your head looks radicuouls

You: what

Stranger: u heard meh

You: you can see me?

You: what am I doing now

Stranger: hmmm eatin a burger

You: yes (not really, I was scratchin mah head :D)

You: omfg

You: hax

You: how did you know

Stranger: im in yo window hahaha

You: but its closedY

You: asl?

Stranger: it clear i can through it

Stranger: wat does asl mean

You: age sex location

You: i wanna meet up

Stranger: hmm boy, 15 ontario

You: im a boy as well

You: 46You: cum on lets cumYou: can you close the chat

You: i want to end this epiclu

You: epicly

You: i am a super nerd with huge glasses and a 3 cm dick

Stranger: weairdo bye

Your conversational partner has disconnected. or BLOCK THIS LINK or BLOCK SOME MOAR LOL.

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People don't like engineers

Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hey

You: howdy partner!

Stranger: do you like college cock?

You: everyone back to the base, partner

You: oh I do

Stranger: are you a guy or girl

You: I am the engineer.

You: I solve problems.

Stranger: bc i have a big one

Stranger: and a webcam

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Spy amongst us!

Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Everyone back to the base, partner.

Stranger: and...?

You: I think not.

You: May I borrow your earpiece?

Stranger: define earpiece to me

Stranger: please

You: May I borrow

You: your earpiece?

Stranger: ahhhhh

Stranger: no, yet

You: Ah, yees.

Stranger: from?

You: Base

You: France.

Stranger: Hmm

Stranger: im brazilian

You: I must be dreaming!

Stranger: why??

Stranger: you dont like brazilians too?

You: Yes

Stranger: *dont you

You: No.

You: I think not

You: I never really was on your side.

You: Don't be so sad.

You: You did a fine job tossing your little balls around!

Stranger: ???

Stranger: noo, man, im designer

You: Oooh, you handsome little jarman!

Stranger: and fuck why you think about me brotha

You: Oh please.

Stranger: please what fella

You: Admireable shot.

Stranger: say something new, please

You: You know, hiding won't save you.

You: But of course.

You: My apologies.

You: This WILL be the last time you see me.

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Connecting to server...Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: Howdy there

Stranger: get me horny

You: Asl?

Stranger: if u r a guy

Stranger: ok

Stranger: im a g

Stranger: girl

Stranger: come on get me horny

You: 40 years, male , Texas beecave

You: I only solve problems

You: Practical problems

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Wut lol..

(Engineer lives in Beecave texas funny.gif )

Who doesnt get horny when talking about practical problems?

Gonna try the Master from Fallout I soon funny.gif

"I am the master, i dont need to awnser your questions"

" Will you join the Unity? Join or DIE , Join or DIE!"

" You think you can destroy ME ! DESTROY [female voice] me? [/female voice]"

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You: Jacky,is that you?

Stranger: nope

You: Aaaaaah

You: where do you live?

Stranger: in Ukraine

You: wow, it's still cold war there! you are going to launch a nuke on america?!

Stranger: =_= there's no war

You: there is,but it's so hidden by the medias!

Stranger: u mistook Ukraine for another country

You: it's USSR !!!

Stranger: why do you think so?

You: with Stalin!

Stranger: where are you from?

You: because we just recieved a nuke on our head earlier!

You: guess!!

Stranger: USA?

You: nope!

Stranger: hmm

You: more in the east

Stranger: somewhere in europe?

You: yeah

Stranger: france?

You: oh shi- you discovered my hidden place!

You: I'm going to auto nuke my self

You: with heavy+sandvich

Stranger: XD


Stranger: sure))

You: incoooooooming!!!! BOOM

Stranger: lol

You: Oh, PEELZ HERE!!!

You: Grabbin peelz

Stranger: ^_^

Stranger: how old are you?

You: 749$ and 72 cents

Stranger: huh?

Stranger: O_o

You: you asked how old am I

You: I'm 749$ and 72 cents

Stranger: i didn't mean your cost ><

You: yeah, you meant how old am I,so I give you my age

You: which is

You: 749$ and 72 cents


Stranger: >_< can you convert it to years?

You: mmmm

You: 1 month of salary if you're working in some chain industry

You: otherwise, no :D


Stranger: is it so hard to tell me adequately?

You: adequately, x+y=343

You: so if x=7

You: x²=49

You: x7=343

You: x7=2401



You: Halo is activating,RUN AWAAAAAAAAY

Stranger: =_=

You have disconnected.

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Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!


Stranger: We're no strangers to love...


Stranger: You know the rules, and so do I


You: I kinda like that song

Stranger: Unless you've been Rick rolled

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Stranger: onche

You: onche

Stranger: onche onche ?

You: onche !!!

Stranger: are u french ?

You: yep

You: how do you know :o

Stranger: je suis français ^^

You: ahah enorme :D

You: j'ai fait deux essais de conversation jsuis tombé sur des malades

Stranger: l'un des premiers français que je trouve

Stranger: j'ai du faire quelques dizaine de conversation lol

Stranger: excuse pour onche

Stranger: enfait c'est des codes

You: sa signifie quoi .

You: ?

Stranger: pour se retrouver avec des gens que je connais

You: avec 3000 personnes bon courage :P

Stranger: on est pas mal

Stranger: on est d'un forum enfait

You: ah lequel ?

Stranger: jeux vidéo.com ^^

You: :noel: et toutes ces conneries ahah XD

Stranger: mais lol

Stranger: qui es tu ?

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You: Hi

Stranger: hey

You: I heard that your good

Stranger: oh i extremely terrible

You: Cause i just heard a moan in the dressing room just next to me

You: And the squishy noise was maybe your dick?

Stranger: ohh yea that might have been me idk

You: So you don't know?

You: Bull frickin

You: ' horse shi

You: t

Stranger: know i don't know

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: sup, are you a furry? :3

You: yes ofc

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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Heavy weapons guy finds a new friend, however loses him because forgets to talk to him in the end.

Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: Hello.

Stranger: m 21 ghana

You: I am heavy weapons guy.

Stranger: how

You: and THIS is my weapon.

You: http://www.bearsmart.com/images/supersoaker.jpg

You: it costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon.. for twelve seconds.

Stranger: wow

You: Yes.

You: What kind of sick man sends babies to fight?

Stranger: were u from

You: Me from Russia

Stranger: wana be pals

You: I love this stranger!

Stranger: me ghana

You: Sandvich

You: so filling!

Stranger: great country u come from

You: Russia.

You: Yes.

Stranger: like u so much

You: Stranger is credit to team!

Stranger: ur age

You: 43

Stranger: wats sup

You: Very good!

You: You?

Stranger: so wat u doing now

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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You: hey

Stranger: egg

You: egg?

Stranger: egg!

You: you want an egg

Stranger: yes, egg

You: with bacon ?

Stranger: no, just eggs

You: mmm i could send you to a farm

You: with my teleportation device

Stranger: dude, that's awesome. send me there

You: oke let me get it

Stranger: k

You: crap my brother took it

Stranger: damn. you're no help

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Connecting to server...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Urgh.

Stranger: what?

You: Took time to reply.

Stranger: have u lose ur mind?

You: My mind? It's missing?

You: Please help me find it.

Stranger: i mean r u crazy

You: Oh...

You: Why am I 'crazy'?

Stranger: u r so weird.

You: y r u typin lyk a tard?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hi

You: Aliens!

You: Spy incoming!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hi

You: Egg.

You: Hi*

Stranger: m/f

You: Sorry, typo.

You: Neither.

Stranger: haha:)

You: I can't spell it, what lady Gaga is.

You: Hermaphradite.

Stranger: umm

Stranger: understand

Stranger: do u feel male or female?

You: No I will not take my clothes off!

Stranger: which?

You: No! I will not!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

They don't seem to like me. :(

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I was bit bored so I head to omegle and here are some of my chats. I didn't copy the best ones because I got the idea on the last ones.

You: Hello

Stranger: hey!

You: Do you have any bacon?

Stranger: nope

You: Damn it!

You: How about eggs?

Stranger: naah

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: Do you have any bacon?



You: Do you have any cabbage?

Stranger: EEEEWWW......

You: ......WWWEEEE

Stranger: TEE HEE


Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hi from?

You: Ello

Your conversational partner has disconnected. -What's wrong with people? I JUST said ello!

Stranger: Hi, Sir/Ma'am Stranger!

You: Hello!



Stranger: I'm fine. How are you?

You: fine thx

Your conversational partner has disconnected. -Come on... Nobody likes me in omegle.... :( Maybe someday! :)

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Stranger: Hi.

You: Hello

Stranger: Where are you from ?

You: Mushroom Mountain

Stranger: Oh.

You: You?

Stranger: France

You: Ok

Stranger: Mushroom Mountain is better than France :(

You: Nah

You: I don't like this place so much

You: I'm thinking about going to Green Island

Stranger: Why ?

Stranger: Yoshi's Island is better, you know ?

You: Yes it is

You: My friend been there

Stranger: Really ?

You: Yeah, he has pictures of Blue Yoshi's

Stranger: My mother live in this island !

Stranger: My mother is a Yoshi.

You: Really?

Stranger: Yes

You: Cool!

You: Do you ride her often?

Stranger: Sometimes

You: I dream of having a Blue Yoshi as a pet

You: so I can fly on it

Stranger: You know

Stranger: I met baby mario.

You: Cool

You: doesn't he cry a lot

Stranger: Yes he did.

Stranger: So they try to ate he.

Stranger: But they failed

Stranger: Yoshis are very stupid.

You: No, they are actually very intelligent

You: at least Blue ones are

Stranger: My mother isn't a blue yoshi.

Stranger: She is as stupid as an egg.

You: Oh... sad to hear that

Stranger: :(

You: Yoshis are nothing compared to Pokémon though

You: I always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon master

Stranger: Same !

You: I battled Gym Leaders

You: and I owned them all

You: with Gengar

Stranger: :o

Stranger: You're lucky !

Stranger: I can't have any Pokémon :(

You: You don't have balls?

You: or no Pokédex?

Stranger: No :(

You: Oh well... nowadays, Pokémon are hard to find anyway... I mean they have almost all been captured already

Stranger: =/

You: I must be going

You: The magic mushrooms are done

Stranger: Okay

You: Au revoir

Stranger: Goodbye

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