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Moderator Application


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Game: Multi Theft Auto MTA

Server: Mr.green Race and Mix

Age: 29

Country of origin: Argentina

Discord name: Matrix#8889

In game name: Matrix

* Hello everybody

My beginning on this server was in 2013 looking for a racing server i met mr.green, there i met many people who liked the same as me, which are racing, some continue to play and others left, i was in several clans, in the future i would like to be able to create a clan.

I think you should  choose me as a moderator, I am a very active player in race and mix, i am a good person and my relationship whit the other players is excellent. I am going to protect the server from toxic players who do not comply whit the rules of the game. I am a good gamer and i think i am suitable for application moderator.

Thanks for reading and i will wait for your decicion. 

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