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Mr. Green Gaming

Admin/Mod Appication


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Game: Mr Green Gaming

Server: Mix/Race

Age: 22

Country of Origin: Lithuania

Link to Steam Community profile: N/A

Discord Name: Filipy#6160

In-game name: FIL

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:  Well i am in Mr Green for 7+ years. I did have a break from it for few months and now i am back. I am more serious person now than before. Players that know me well, they know what kind of player I am. When I had a break, I was playing in other server. I got opportunity to be an admin. I am an honest, fair, friendly player. I was Admin for few months until the server was shut down because lack of players and a lot of bugs. But now I am focusing on Mr green server. I want to become an Admin and have the server taken care of. There are basically no active staff at night time. I am always active so I really wish to have this opportunity. I know the rules of the server, i know how to treat other players and I am always fair that is why I believe i would be fit to be an Admin. 


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