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Gmod Contest! Warming up!

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You slutty little whores, start posing.

"I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith drove his car off a cliff, broke both his legs? Hey it's not a funny ha-ha story, so much as it's a make you think story. For instance, windshields look pretty durable, right? Yeah, not the case according to Keith. Son of a bitch flew right through that sucker."


Child soldiers? In my gmod?


"I ever tell you about that time me and my friend Keith went to the shooting range? Well, he took two of those cowboy rifles and-"


Badass gangsters shooting helpless people on the street! AKA EmRA plays too much Modern Warfare 2!


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Soldiers's body, Pyro's mask,Demoman's vest, and a mutated sniper's SMG.

And some props.

*BEEB* You are wrong.

Pyro's mask, Soldier's helmet, 4 Soldier's small bags, that thrumpet bag thing, Engineer's destroying thing, 2 grenades, 1 pyro grenade, Driver's body, Sniper's hands, Soldier's legs, overhealer, tf2 style thompson SMG with laser sight attachment and shitloads of work. :D

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