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How To: Drink


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I guess most of you know how to drink ... that's why i cant find a point in doing this...

But let's start anyway :)

Drinking is something people do on occasions... not where I live.. that's why I wanted to

make this tutorial :)


Lets say you're a 14 yr old boy who want's to get drunk because it's you're best friend's birthday : what to do?

1. Find someone to buy the drink for you (I Would recommend Vodka but if you're a first timer take some cider instead) call an older friend or if you don't have any find any old bum on the street to buy it for you.

PS: You should get more money so you could pay the bum for not runing away with the drink :D


So you have the drink but not the age huh..

1. Quickly go over to somewhere you cannot be seen clearly (a backstreet or something)

2. Think of all the place's where you have been before and try and remember a spot where you could drink what you have without being seen. (Try and think of this before the purchase)

3. Hide the drink (In you jacket) unzip you jacket place it in and hold it with you hand through the pocket. This will be much easier than climbing over fences and running through you're neighbours backyard just to get to where you want to go.

4. At the spot check if there is any people around and read step 3...


The drink is ready the spot is found...

1. When you open the drink don't go into a hurry to finnish it.

2. Make a line of who is drinking 1st who is 2nd etc..

3. Sit down , take it easy , and after you are finished stand up quickly , take a deep breath count to 10 sit down again and blow it out.

Well this is actually it on my How To: Drink tutorial.


DO NOT go home after Step 3: Part 3 go home only after you feel better!!!

PS: I did not make this to show off or to teach minors about drinking , I made this out of just being bored and of showing my stupidity to all of you in the Mr.Green portal!!

Please Drink Sensibly XD

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Drinking because you just want to drink or be cool (like hiding the drink from everyone, and drinking it somewhere no one can see you) is pretty stupid. Even though I like beer, I only drink when I go out, or at home when I friends over.

I think my parents wouldn't have cared if I drank a beer or something in front of them when I was 14, I just don't see a reason to drink when you're 14 and alone/just with your parents.

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I drink quite a lot, and I've been drinking since I was around 15. Unfortunately the drinking age is 18, though i have a lot of overage friends who are more than willing to buy it for me.

It's a social thing, I only drink for parties and gatherings. I've never drunk just for the sake of drinking. I've stopped drinking in excess amounts recently though.

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Yo NPhect .. did you realise the line where i wrote

"Lets say you're a 14 year old boy..."


If not read it again ;)

and you're a 14 year old boy who drinks in front of his parents ... well I'm sorry .. you're family is FUCKED!!!

really? :mellow:

I first got drunk at my dad's 40th birthday. Thanks for calling my family fucked.

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Step 2 isnt a problem, there is no drinking age and drinking in public is allowed.

14 is the age you start drinking. You're normally allowed to drink for your parents when you're 14/15.

Everyone has different parents.

And I started drinking when I was 16. I didn't like strong drinks when I was 14/15. Everyone is different.

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im 14 and i only drink once a year (massive party on my town).

i dont drink to show off or anything related. Never got drunk at all and i like much of the alcoholic drinks

vodka is nice. black vodka i mean. but not much =s

Like in news year, i drink champagne and a bit of beer infront of my mom but i dont really like it :)

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