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Today's Big long black ugly CRAP

Mr. Darkness

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The whole shit started when i needed to buy a book that costed around 500 rubles (around 15$).

That was the book for English lessons, for which my mom didn't give me $. (We should give those money to our teacher)

So now all ppls have that book expect me. I started coming to all english lessons without the main thing. (Ya know, the book)

All the shit came on me only because i couldn't find the book in shop, also I had no idea how it looks like. Now I get every lesson a bad mark (the worst is 1 but 2 is main bad mark; best - 5). As I'm the best one in our class, now i get serious problems not only in school and just... gone. I started forgetting things, I'm REALLY REALLY lazy, i just cant wait to finish the school day (but I liked going to school!).

My life is gone to full life consequences (big long black ugly crap :<).

Those problems don't let me rest my moral. No, my marks are ok, but the things that don't let my life be normal are the problems that i get from... nothing + they have nothing to do with my faults.

Have anyone got any idea how to remove it? (Kick my english teacher in ass wont work i.e. i will be kicked by director of school)

P.S.: Sorry for some mistakes, like repeating the same words & phrases.

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I have bad grades right now, and I'm worried about not making it into upper high school. My best friend have a girlfriend and I only have a small chance with a gal at my school, who seems to not give a crap about me either.

My sister is bitching with my mother, and there's always quarrels around the house when they're both home, and I haven't taken a shit for 14 hours.

Now go get that fucking book, and don't make threads about personal matters. Unless you have problems we CAN help with.

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Buy the book on the net?(amazon, ebay...)

I had to buy a philosophy book (Platon, or Platoon, I don't know his name in english, the Greek philosopher :P ) and I found it on Amazon.

If you can't find your book then blame your teacher, if it's a school book (a manual I mean) then he has(or your school has) to buy it for the pupils.

I don't know how it works in Russia but here when we start the school year we all go to a room and take our grade's books, we have each book in an order and we go and take them, they have a small security system (a bar code, in case you lose it), we pay 150€ by check(I don't know the name but that's a paper where you write the money amount, etc...), no, we don't really pay, that's a "caution", it means that if you do big damages on your book, don't give it back, they take the money.

We don't buy the books themselves but it's more the guarantee of keeping them.

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