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Bar Fights with Mr.Green!

The Lazy Peon

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1. Billy Mays - Lure them into a trance about chipotlaway

2. Mr. Rogers - Ultimate Showdown victory?

3. Random Furry Spewing 1 liners - Don't lose your head! GTA ref. there

4. The Destroyer - From Borderlands

5. XBox 360 Fanboys - I just want them all to die. Nuff' said.


I didn't choose Chuck Norris because he's a frequently used condom in this gang-bang of a thread :)

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1. Deluvas - He has got fighting and Lua coding experience (MUHAHAHA! To make some lua programs that will pwn as nuke bomb!);

2. Notte - he's The Peanut medic!!!;

3. Mayco - the ducklin - He will create some awesome props, to make em crash on others. (If you will agree to join me! :o);

4. Chuck Norris;

5. Behemont from IW - Not explaining.

Bonus versions:

Bender - Singing his annoying songs, so all enemies will have a headache;

Cpt. Price;

Gravity cat [NOT AMUSED] - Not had to explain that one.

P.S: Didn't took Gordon, cos hes crowbar wont do most damage. Hes GHAY in this situation.

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1:a giant taco that shits icecream

2:A nerd with glasses on (they wont dare hit him with glasses on)

3:a spermcell the size of a human

4:Hitler (incase things get out of hand)

5:Megan Fox (for the main reason is that i get to bang her after)


5. Behemont from IW - Not explaining.

haha you just want the behemoth so you can eat his meat! after hes drunk in the bar

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