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today, as i went to treat my dogs and give them food. i found out that my older dog (18 year old female dog) wasnt moving, I tryied to call her but nothing. Picked her up and layed her down. she stills breaths but shes just stand there. I am almost certantly she is going to pass away.

R.I.P. ='(

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My first dog (which borned in the same month as me) died at 8, my dad found her lied on the ground in front of the stairs, someone poisonned her.

My current dog is 7, he lived great things with us (travelling everywhere).He has heart/breath problems (he takes pills everyday).I will be very sad another time when he'll die ...

I also had 3 turtles, and my favourite one died of a strange disease.

RIP, that's always a huge pain when you lose an animal.

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R.I.P poor dog.. :(

I have prepare for the death of my cat, that is 19 in one month.. been with me since I was born

my cat whas 18 year (around the 18 i quess) it he already died :(

It's also old for a cat, they normally get 13-15 years.

My aunt's cat got to live 21 years.

My mom's old cat was 26 when it died.

I think 18 is a regular age for a cat...

Dogs are 10-16

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My dog died when it was 8.

She had a disease on both eyes so she was blind.

some day's later my grandmother found her dead down the stairs.

My mom said she went up the stairs and feld down.

I loved my dog, she protected me when my older brother was hurting me.

I know how it feels finding your dog dying or dead.


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