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Mr. Green Gaming

Today 6 Years Ago.

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Hi, ;)!

In this topic its 6 year's ago! Thus 2day its 27 may 2004, and you must act like how you was 6 years ago!

4 X-Ample I was badder @ English and had a annoying-overhappy vibe 2 mah posts.

Hey, haves somebody of you cheats for MK:DD? And knows everyone of you when GTA: SA released shall become? Thankxxx. q=þ

How do you do a avatar?


GameFAQs.com -- it'z mah home.

[[if you are wondering, the last thing is a fail attempt to make a signature by adding lines to your post]]

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lol what lvl u r in WC???? im 62

thnx 4 roasted lobsters

wts yew logs 400 gp ea pm me

Took me 15 minutes to write a sentence like that

I'm sortof happy I didn't use smileys like a faggot back then though, just acronyms and shitty grammar

Edit: it was Runescape btw hehhhhhehjjkhejfe

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hello, I'm kinda new at this whole forum thing since I only recently started playing online. I was wondering if you guys know any fun games to play at this moment, you know in 2004.

Paper Mario!!!!!!!!!!! OR SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

SSBM is a very cool game with REALLY MANY caracters from many different Nintendo games!

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