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What kind of music do you listen to?

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I listen to Ol' Skool HipHop (Underground usually). Also more popular things like Jedi Mind Tricks, Non Phixion, Redman and Wu-Tang Clan, Digital Underground, KRS-One, K-Otix, and The Artefacts.. Not really artist-specific.

I also listen to jazz, blues and stuff, basically those songs that always get sampled by hiphop DJ's. Sometimes I just listen to instrumentals from producers instead of the tracks.

Also I listen to Game Music. :P

Now you!

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Damn Yoshi, we got the same taste in music xD

I listen to Bay Area rap like mac dre, too short, and a huuuuge list of artists most people haven't heard of (yet).

I also love Jazz xD

I find some sort of techno interesting, but it has to have that chill flow, or crazy much energy. :P

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Grunge, mainly

old hip-hop

A lot of rock ect

metal, anything as long as its not bring me the horizion sort of stuff (core) type thing

folk/ acoustic

Indie, stuff like arcade fire my morning jacket ect.

Not really into into drum and bass ect but if anything pendulum isnt bad or prodigy

bit of nine inch nails and tool ect

Hardcore punk is good.

new hip-hop, nothing like kanye west, he sucks. Stuff like P.O.S, nas, doomtree, talib kweli.

I have wide range but I tend to stay out of the popular artists

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