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Im resigning admin powers. it seems that everyone is against me, even some admins. i dont wanna continue beeing an admin if people think im abusive and i dont do my duty well, i prefer leave it for other more capable people

i will keep playing here but only as a player.

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it hasnt have to do with that. today there were 3 players constantly insulting throw 3 maps. i said after a while "thats enuff, stop it", and 2 of them continue insulting, so i muted them for a while like the rules says. then BinSlayer arrives at the server and starts complaining and saying that it was my fault what happend yesterday with beesweet and joined the argue with two other dudes complaing about me. i said "i wont talk about that in here" and he kept going, then he said that i was too abusive and then started to say things, ofc the ones i had muted started to complain and filled up the chat saying that i was no good.

i think that was it. im full of that shit.

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Just calm down, take a few days break, give yourself more time to think things over. You are a good admin, why would you be one in the first place if you arent? Besides, in a few days things will have blown over like they always do, and no-one will care anymore.

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I just told you that in my opinion, you sort of abuse the kick power.. I saw you kick players because they said: "stupid server". Other times, You mute them because they insult/mess around with each other. I just think you jump too quick to the "power" button. I only told you my personal opinion. Please don't turn this around to make me guilty for the decision that you've made to resign..

Everything can be fixed, you dont have to resign.. Just maybe relax more?

Nobody here thinks you're not a good admin..

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-.- u started to talk again about that stupid thing yesterday and its all fine now. u shouldnt even brought that discussion into chat box with players watching, why didnt u pm'ed me. then u started to argue and those two guys started aswell, it was a freekin riot lol.

u say not to blame u, but after besweeet made the complain, u went straight to the msn and started to say that it was all my faul. that thing is past, forget it.

that dude i kicked out when he said "lame server" what did u said to him? "go fuck urself" u tend to insult people when they say something, i tend to kick them. im not blaming u, never did, im just pointing out facts.

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I may swear/insult.. Hell, who on this earth doesn't? But insulting someone isn't the same as kicking him :/ Im not saying what I do is the right thing, but your methods are (too) harsh as well.

Also, yes, I was angry at you because the whole beosweeet-discussion wouldn't have happend if you hadn't kicked him..

I doubt Beosweeet would have made a topic in the forum and started a discussion at IRC for an insult, if it wasn't for the fact that he got kicked from the server for no real reason.. (by you)

Next, you're saying that I shouldn't have talked in the chatbox? Why? We got something to hide? Because I surely don't.

Just give it a break. All I said to you is that I think you're too harsh on the players with your powers.. I didnt tell you to leave. You can take what I said for an advice, to try to maybe fix things so next time it wont happen again..

But you prefer to leave and blame me for it, instead of trying to get better..

Remember something: It's ok to make mistakes because all humans do, but it's a matter of how you manage to fix them in the end and what you have learned from them.

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You mute them because they insult/mess around with each other.

Not that it matters, but I mute players too if they keep yealling at each other through mic. It aint fun for no one when two guys keep calling each others an asshole, motherfucker, etc. You get the point.

My reaction (except for the earring)


:D Awesome, and not so awesome. The big fat lady is Finnish and she got her 15 minutes of fame in Finland, quite lot of it too.

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dont patronize me with "humans do errors"

u shouldnt brought the stupid conversation to the chat cuz its non of people business. and i know, its beautiful to see two admins argueing with eachother on the server.

im not blaming u. . .

im not harsh, the rules says "dont swear", as an admin, i decided to punished 2 players that throw three maps were insulting eachother like "fuck you" "suck my cock" etc. i, as an admin, tryed to the right thing and keep the server nice.

And, whats the point of me being admin, if everytime i do something, i have someone judging what i've done and saying that i did it wrongly? i think i should have a little control of my actions and try not to have a riot of people complaing about me cuz someone decided to show up and say that what i did muting those two dudes was wrong, when he wasnt there to see what happend.

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You muted a guy called Toporango or something like that because he told another player "You are a blowjob"

If that seems ok to you then I am out of words.

After your last post, I get it that you want to use the powerhammer despite my failed attempts to ask you to become more relaxed when it comes to handling situations.

I'm done arguing. Suit yourself. Best of luck out there!

(Then again, I am deeply sorry for the offtopic, will be the last post in this topic for me)

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And, whats the point of me being admin, if everytime i do something, i have someone judging what i've done and saying that i did it wrongly?

If you can't handle people judging your actions, good luck doing anything, because you will always get judged and/or corrected. You get judged/corrected by the people that outrank you because that's basically that's what they're here for; They keep an eye on the admins and comment when needed.

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if im an admin, i shouldnt be needed to be constantly corrected by others that most of the time doesnt even know what the fuck is happening. but no, its my fault cuz i "abuse" my powers for mute 2 people for insulting each other for over 10 minutes.

i dont wanna argue no more, take my powers, dont take them, ur choice. for now i wont use them even if i still got it.

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