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What are the best and worst value games you ever bought?

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So, which game has given you the most value and which game the least.

Don't count games that you pirated or got for free (e.g Alien Swarm or Zombie Panic: Source)

For me, I think Garry's Mod is the best value game: 350+ hours of gameplay for just £7

The worst value game I ever bought was Little Big Planet on PS3. I paid £45 for it and played it for about 5 hours.

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Best: World of warcraft + expansions, orange box

Suckage: Army of two the 40th day (alot of flaws in this game that maked me rage, like the second player who played with me threw the first 2 missions will not be saved for some reason)

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Orange Box (which would have made me love it even more if it did come in a orange box),

Mass Effect 1&2 (I love the continuing from saves on ME1 on ME2, and it always looks man-creamingly good)


Forza Motorsport 2 (Ive barely done any of the races, such a waste of time)

Saints Row 2 (Bought it in the summer sale for iirc £2.50, ive played it for about 5 hours, yeah.)

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