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Game Website: minecraft.net

Mr .Green / Minecraft.nl server

Join our multiplayer server:



De minecraft.nl server wordt gehost door de Mr. Green / Left4Green, een grotendeels internationale community. Ons forum is daarom Engelstalig smile.gif

Dit is een discussie topic voor Minecraft, voor het laatste nieuws over de server kan je het best de laatste replies lezen. Als je wilt posten of vragen stellen kan je je registreren. Als je direct contact zoekt met admins, druk dan op 'Chat' bovenaan deze pagina om ons IRC kanaal te bezoeken.




This is the sort of awesome stuff we're building on our server!

[NOTE: following post is outdated and was made around the Minecraft Alpha launch to introduce this community]

Minecraft is a sandbox game with no overall goal. The whole world is made out of blocks, which you can destroy and place again. Different blocks have different properties. The world itself is infinite in all directions (at least in the Alpha version), but the more terrain you explore, the bigger your save file becomes (which is already about 1.8MB when you start). There are two different versions of Minecraft right now:

* A free version which consists mainly of building stuff. It has multiplayer, but it's no longer being developed.

* The commercial version, which is in the Alpha development stage right now. It gets updated pretty much weekly, and adds many new stuff over the free version. The Alpha has dynamic lightning, creatures (hostile enemies at night or in deep caves), crafting and lots of other things that make it very addicting. There is no open multiplayer yet (only a dev server) but apparently that'll be released next week(!). The commercial version is only 10 bucks right now, but as soon as it hits Beta stage it'll cost 15, and at release it'll cost 20.

I've been playing the Minecraft Alpha for a while now, and it's great fun. You start out try to build a house out of dirt, which gets blown up after your first nightly encounter with a Creeper.

After *boom*: http://twitpic.com/29u0qd

After repair and some construction (yes those trees grow): http://twitpic.com/29u7mf

From that point there's so much to do. Build several settlements. Start a farm. Slay cattle. Dig a deep mine till you hit valuable minerals which you can craft in new tools and other devices. Or

. The world is procedurally generated as you explore it. You can find deserts, snowy areas, huge mountains, waterfalls, deep caves and even dungeons with loot.

My first house, now with trees in the garden: http://twitpic.com/2a1bo5 . Also you can see a mining settlement at the cliffside further up. The dynamic lightning makes it look amazing.

There's a Minecraft wiki where you can find information on pretty much everything. For example, craft recipes (if you don't want to figure them out yourself, which could be fun on its own) and explanation of block properties.

I'd advice everyone who can miss 10 bucks the advice to give this game a try! Also, follow Minecraft development on the dev (Notch) his blog: http://notch.tumblr.com/


My latest settlement. An actual castle tower on a huge cliff + waterfall. All the stone I used came out of the mine I dug.

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How about that server

First (crude) version of the multiplayer will be out the coming week. I think the multiplayer server will take quite a lot of memory and we're running short on that on the Mr. Green servers. So keep donating so we can put more RAM in :V

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How about that server

First (crude) version of the multiplayer will be out the coming week. I think the multiplayer server will take quite a lot of memory and we're running short on that on the Mr. Green servers. So keep donating so we can put more RAM in :V

You heard the man


(also, minecraft could use the iron in this post)

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My latest mine.



Always have a door at the entrance. I got fucked over by a Creeper that just danced in earlier :V


My mine 'lobby'. All the stuff I need to process and store materials.


Full iron armour now. This mine is infested with Creepers and undead so I really need it.


Underground rivers are awesome.


One of the large open areas I uncovered. I always light the place up with torches to mark where I've been.

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Trying pirate version now, first one f*cked up my browser.

Can i get into L4G servers with pirated version if multiplayer supported :D?

It's updated weekly. You'll never have the latest version.


Found this big hole while exploring a deep cave. The light down there probably indicates more lava.

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