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Highlander Community Challenge ... Finally

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The signups for the eagerly-awaited Highlander Community Challenge have just been opened.

I suggest you take a look at the page on Etf2l.org, if you haven't done so already.

Etf2l Announcement

Official Page

Most of the bigger communities are sending in at least a team or two, and I hope we'll do the same.

We need to have a ETF2L-Buddy for organizing and scheduling our matches, and if there's no better volunteer for the position of that, I'd like to fill that position, since I have the necessary experience in the Etf2l League. The ETF2L Buddy is only allowed to play Pyro, Engineer, Heavy or Spy (Classes that aren't usually used in the league). If I'm gonna be the Buddy, I'd like playing as our pyro.

If you are willing to participate, make sure that you have time from 20:00-21:30 CET on Sundays, because that is when teams usually practice and have matches. Make sure that you have a working microphone, as having a good communication is a must have for every team.

The team would have to consist of at least 10, or at the most of 14. (If there's more participants we could always open a second team.)

Every class is used once, the players 10 to 14 serve the role as replacement players, if a player from the regular team of 9 is missing for a match. ( The replacements will also get the medal )

The basic rundown of the rules is : All weapons allowed, no crits, official maps.

I hope we get enough people together for a team, thanks.

For the current team setup, please visit this :

Team spreadsheet

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Kudos for not mentioning 'penis' in that wall of text.

Good thing I stopped playing TF2.

Team are for fags.

Real men play alone in a team tournament.

Omg whats that.

I hate retarded teams&clans.

3 shitposts in a row, you guys give a great impression of this community.

I'm sorta interested. It'll be interesting to participate in a community tournament once. Just tell me what I have to do.

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I prodably would have joined, but my school (if I actually got into any) starts next week, making sundays rather hard (due to times being CET).

Besides my spoken english isn't very good and I'm not too talkative in general.

How long will the tournament take? Do replacement players have to be good with every class, or do they play specific class? What gamemodes will be played?

It is possible for me though, I'll think about it.

If I'm joining, I'd like to play Heavy or Scout (I'm really out of shape with Scout though, would require some hardcore practising).

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I'm quite interested by this.

I reckon we should make a topic for sign-ups etc. So that people can troll and post useless comments here!

Everybody wins!

We don't need another topic. Everybody who is interested should say so. I take it Benny will contact us afterwards.

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I said teams are for fags because usually they just show off and do like if they were super awesome.

Also, if I were participating I wouldn't use my microphone as it's recommended, muahaha *evil laugh.

Whatever happened to having fun. Don't start generalizing the tournament community because of a few bad apples.

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Well, it's not a requirement to a have a microphone, but atleast the scout, medic, soldier and spy should have one, because they are the classes that forward enemies and their positions the most.

To Emra : The group phase usually lasts about a month. Replacements should be able to play at least more than one class, so that we'd be able to cover most classes with replacements in the end.

The gamemodes going to be played are : Payload, Capture the Flag (Both, attack/defense and 5 CP's) and King of the hill ( If we get further than the group stage ).

The maps being played are listed here Highlander Rules, under section 2.1.6

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There seems to be alot of hate towards competitive play here at the moment. I have played a few lobby 6v6s with Sepp (regular KOTH server player) which I found to be great fun and alot more relaxed then I thought it would be. I had my doubts at first, but it offers a whole new way of playing Tf2.

I'm defiantly up for playing in a L4G team.

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