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MW2 + Doom = ???


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its a mod. it's called ''skulltag'' seen video's where you can play it online and in servers :D

skulltag you need doom or 2.

You dont want to buy doom ( on steam 10 )

you can download doom 2 here> http://www.gameswin....ameen.php?id=61

NOTE. if you launch doom 2 it might give an error that it WONT run in fullscreen mode... it's a dos game so you MUST download dosbox for it here >http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1

( click on first: windows ) this programs is a box ( not fullscreen) and it will run all dos games :D

if you downloaded DOOM2 you should make a map in your harddrive c:/ called doom and extract the doom files in there ( only extract then in a harddrive like: c:/ , d:/ and such like that)

then open dosbox. ( which harddrive you got..) so i have c:/ ) so i do it like this write: mount c:/DOOM2 ( doom2 is the map you got with the files you downloaded) then press enter. then write: c:/ and press enter again.

then write doom2 ( you mounted the folder DOOM2) and launched doom 2 it should work now.....

edit@ wow that whas a long instruction...... damn!:lol:

anyway download the mod here>


click download now! and then chosse option: download without loggin in.

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