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Zombie apocalypse: What would you do?


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You find out that a biochemical laboratory will "accidentally" release a deadly zombie virus (yes, deadly zombie virus.) which will spread onto all continents and nearly all islands.

You have one month to pack your stuff.

What would you do?

I'll start:

- Buy masks, can food, water and baseball bats

- Dig a hole somewhere

- Add door to hole

- Camp in hole

- Profit!

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Take Squirrel and our 2 secret spaceships to mars and terraform it.

We take 300 people with us , all handpicked to ensure human survival.

Won't you run low on supplies while terraforming? I heard that shit takes long!

Our spaceships are supplied with terraforming equipment not even coming on the market for 200 years and we got supplies to be able to terraform for 3.000 years.

We'll be alright, since our equipment can terraform mars in 2 minutes.

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Iil get as much concrete, bricks, wood and cement, and build a huge wall around my street with a few ppl in it. Then make heavy duty cars and handmade weapons. (since we live in a boring country, the heaviest shooting thing you will get is a bee bee gun. Maybe a pistol from a cop, not sure if they have bullets in them)

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1. Grab a shotgun, a pistol, and a huge knife.

2. Pack food.

3. Pack my laptop.

4: Pack all my porn DVDs.

5: My phone.

6: Take Tesla and Doubleedge and move to Narnia. (Damn there is not Narnia :C)Anyway take tesla and doubleedge with me :V

7: Barricade a small building.

8: Kill all sons of bitches and survive.

EDIT: I would take Doubleedge too :D

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get dressed as a zombie and..... ( no ofcourse not! )

!Get my lego pistol

! Get a bat :rolleyes:

!Seal some doors.

!Make the kitchen a bid like a fort ( pillows, duvets and stuff)

!I dont that> now you have a nice place to sleep and a fridge :D

! Survive and use the car to get to the market and steal some food ( i am 14 but that doesnt matter, they are all zombies ( maybe) ) :lol:

search for more people that survived ( they cant take friesland!! )

lol( that wasn't qiuck! )

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