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Gameserver:Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas - Race


Country of origin:Finland

Link to Xfire profile **:http://www.xfire.com/profile/kuningaspingviini/

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:always mta server is one of the admin Online

I want to monitor the mta server race.

I'll play 3:00 am-12 am.

I love meatball, I'm from Finland, I love MTA MR.Green server and I believe in Father Christmas and I am active in the chat

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Yea, more info I think.

True @ Blueyoshi.


And I just found out that IKEA's have food in them! Good food! Cheap food! They sell meatballs and such.

I dont remember being in an IKEA so I havent tasted. I heard that all IKEA's all around the world have that. Heard it is delicious.


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