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Hey guys, I just got my contact lenses yesterday and I can tell you, its nice to not wear glasses but its not very nice puttin them on and off at first but I will get used to them soon hopefully, was quite nervous at first to put them on because its not a very nice thought of poking your eyeball and putting this thin lense on them but Im getting used to the thought.

Do you guys have contact lenses?

Do you prefer them over your glasses if you have?

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Everybody has lenses, they are somewhere in your eyeball.

Contact lenses are those things you put on top of your eyeball..

I have glasses, did try contact lenses but couldn't get them in....

I practised at the shop and I got them in after 30 minutes, then took some home but never managed to get them in and I raged and threw them away.

I like glasses more anyways.


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