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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mr. Green scaling back


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The Mr. Green network will be restructuring this weekend. The past year we've been juggling 3 dedicated servers, which has become quite a burden when donations started declining the past months. This weekend we'll be dropping Esidor, leaving only Fenrir for the gameservers. This obviously results in less server space, so the following things will change:

* TF2 CP and TF2 CTF will disappear for now.

* The CSS stock server will also be removed again. Even though it was introduced recently, people hardly play on it.

Depending on how Fenrir will handle all the servers, more things could change the coming days. Besides the network restructuring there's also a change in how Ywa and I manage the community. Ywa wants to put more time in his company Limetric, thus he'll play a more passive role in server management from today on. I will be managing the game servers (with the exception of MTA, which will remain Ywa's domain).

That's about it for now. Keep having fun :)

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Seems like mrgreen will die out soon.

Fu dont say things like that. Even if you ment it as an joke.

I didn't mean like it really getting dead. It's just all the ervers closing and the fun is getting less. I just remember how it was just Mta only before.

Im really afraid tnat it will really totaly lose its all servers.

Guys, please, don't let it be lke that.

Well, i hope it will be ok after then @ Clavus.

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If (god forbid) the servers would say, die in the eternal flames of glory, then I hope that as a community, we stay together somehow.

But I think that this should be resolved soon, we just need Richard Branson on the line to drop us some cash :D


I see MTA is quite popular. TAX. TAX IT LIKE A BITCH.


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Nobana, I don't want to be pessimistic but I think Darkness is somehow right.

For my part , I'll stay here and sink with the boat if it has to sink, and I hope that won't happen, the servers must live, longer.

Good luck @ Clavus, may the force is with you (or any motto that you prefer!).

Yeah, that's not much fun. I stayed with mr-green.nl untrill it sank (it's still sinking atm) from 2006 untill now. 2 years ago it was one of the most alive amateur forums on teh web :yeah: the shoutbox was sp0mmed 24/7 and now there are rarely any new shouts. It's almost sad to see.

But that won't happen for years on this forum. Mainly cuz it's in english so it's more public. When Ywa get's older he will be paid more so he can afford 3 servers once again :yeah:

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