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The Ten Commandments of Mr.Green


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60-c477f0f550.gifThe Ten Commandments of Mr.Green 60-c477f0f550.gif

One day, Chuck Norris sent his 1359th son, Mr.Green, on earth and told a bunch of lambda guys to build a website called Mr.Green. This one loved having this website for him, and he told every humanbeing to join it, and for each entering person he said 10 laws that they'd have to respect.

First : Nice with the others, you'll be.

Second : Before posting, The Search function you'll use.

Third : From your language the SMS style you'll ban.

Fourth : The flood, the spam, the trolls you'll remove from your habits.

Fifth : Your superiors you'll respect.

Sixth : The flame wars you'll avoid.

Seventh : The number 7 you'll worship, each 07/07 of a /xx7 year will be a pray day (and the beer will be your only holy drink).

Eight : The Porn topics you won't go on and won't contribute to (even if rage at you, someone will).

Ninth : These Commandments you'll read.

Tenth : Active, gentle and mature you'll be.

The optionnal 11,12,13,14 : 11-2688aac781.gif <<< This smiley you'll respect. A lot of beer you'll drink. MTA topics you won't make (for the general mental health). Sneed you'll ask for painis problems.

Chuck save the Greens!

Wokay, for those who will wonder why I made this, I was just a bit angreeh because of all those new kidsrookies who dare bumping old and sensible topics, who think that posting on 10 topics at once will make them admins, who doesn't use the goddamn search function when they post something and get away without any hurt, and those who spam a lot, a lot , a loooooot.

So I thought that putting a few understandable rules (but I don't know if Clavus/Ywa will punish me with a steel whip for this) that could be seen by newcomers won't be so bad.Plus it's meant to be a bit humoristic.

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Ok, close-minded people don't get the trip.

@Dusty I'm neither TC nor Admin but I might be the only one that cares about non-logical acts (someone that bump a months old topic to say shit, flood...) and since nobody seems to give a shit to that I made this.

Yet this is half serious, half not (hence the "retarded" part ).

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We are different thinking about bumping. I think bumping is cool, there are so many old topics to be discussed in, or are just funny, to read.

You should keep your worries for the moon, the moon will kiss the earth and we have to watch out, but the moon is superior to us, so we have to respect the moon.

But the moon will splasher us, but also world wars and stuff.

You need to listen to the animals, and not worry about new member on this forum posting in old topics. But it is smart. Then no nightmares.

Maybe otherwise you can hypnotize them.

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