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Shows You Grew Up With

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So... I had to go to those Barbers again and naturally, I just sat on the children's side. I couldn't fit in the car-chairs, but I COULD watch Tik Tak on television. I don't give a fuck if I'm 17. I want to time travel back to when I was so young and could enjoy things...

I know you are not all as nostalgia-driven as me but what TV-shows did you grow up with watching? Here's some of mine:




And OMG I fucking forgot this one, this is like the first time in 15 years or something that I see this (but I always thought that girl was cute):




Anyway, Dutch people, look on this site to find shows you may have forgotten.

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Watched all that too in different countries: Australia and USA and Uruguay. Then I switched to cartoon network <- watched on it anything it was showing. Then I started to dislike stuff until i stopped watching cartoons.

Now I grew up. I want those times back somehow.

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Aaaaah, nostalgia <3

I grew up with Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, some other french cartoons.

Tip : I don't give a shit to those who say that watching cartoons at 18 years old is kiddy cause I'm actually waking up each saturday & sunday at 10am to watch Pokemon (especially now, cause it's the last season before Pokemon turned in a semi-shit).

And I sometimes watch some new Spongebob episodes.

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