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Mr. Green Gaming

I hosted the Valve ARG wiki and all I got is this lousy bag


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You had better be happy, because those Portal 2 copies you got there have been blessed by Gabe in person!

By the way, I can't seem to find his signature on there, maybe it's just so obfuscated?

Also, you fail for taking photos of your product keys :P

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Want Bag + Cubes for 45e. Is that a deal?

If that is serious you are stupid.

Nothing wrong with spending a fortune on merchandise of your favourite company :V

The Valve store also has a ton of new interesting stuff. I'll wait for my tax return to arrive before ordering anything though.

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Hey are you from space?

I think everyone is. Because do you not know that you are all the same? I disagree with you. You are all social rules. You can't break your own rules.

There, it's not like everyone has these social rules. But you have to listen to different ones if we all have to do that.

You know? No? Here's the social rule. When you dislike a gift, you make sure someone gets to cheer. And so how dare you. You do not like the bag. You must give it away then. Not sell it. It has no value to you. So you don't need any value filled up.


Write a letter to Valve. Claim whatever you think you deserve. Return the bag. Don't leave it empty.

I find the bag nice. Nice job! You deserve it!

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