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Steam Cloud Screenshots


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Are you any of the following:

  • A steam user?
  • Someone who takes screenshots in-game?
  • Someone who wants to display them somewhere for others to enjoy?

Then this fabulous thread is for you!

Only for the low low price of zero euros per month!

But seriously, if you want to post any screenshots you made which you want to share with others, then just dump them here :P

P.S. Forums is bitchy about image linking a steam screenshot, so paste the link or re-upload it to forums from disk or something.

I'll start:

Howitzers <3


Spawns on Heavy Metal are annoying if the houses have collapsed:


Oh dem Koreans trying to be Elvis:


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  • 4 weeks later...

What happened to Peondon? :'D

I conquered all of China, I dominate the entire continent now. (except for some city states but i cba to destroy them) Look at the minimap to see how big it is compared to the other countries.


It took me 58 turns to take this part, or 96 ingame years.

Yeah Sandnigger town used to be Mecca, but I couldn't make up a name for it.

Gotta do a huge D-Day like assault on the other countries.

(Part 1 and Part 2 are on the previous page)



D-Day has begun!

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