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Mr. Green Gaming

Congratulazioni, Mayco, Duck From The Stars!

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Happy Birthday to you Mayco, our Badass Adorable Burger-Baker, our Adult Child, our type B Tsundere, our light Yangire.

I wish you many many many many many many many many many many many........ ENDLESS more amounts of FUNTASTIC, FUNNY, AWESAM, HAPPY AND SUPER-ENJOYABLE years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you get my favorite Birthdayvideos too, the one with the 'stop clapping from here on'-penguin:

And the Happy Birthday video with Rebecca:

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I'd like a Big-ma...

Only joking buddy. On behalf of everyone that hasn't posted already, happy birthday!

This place just wouldn't be the same without Mayco's calming, yet strangly erotic undertones. Sort of like someone cross-bred Patrick Stewart and Stephen Fry. (Look those names up if you don't get the referance!)

Once again brother, a very happy day to you, and we all wish you many more!

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