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Never The Same suggestion

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We all know the map Never The Same, loved by a lot of players, however, hated by very much players too (like me) and its played at least 30 times a day; so i wanna make a suggestion.

My Suggestion is : Make a script wich makes NTS cannot be played more than 3 times in a row, or we could discuss the number of times.

Post your suggestions

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Also with the occasion of this topic I would like to mention that I won't accept any more Never The Same maps as we've got quite a few already and it's more than enough. So please stop making maps based on this one (random vehicle changer) script that has been so famous/infamous throughout this year.

About your suggestion, I am not sure. We shouldn't really force anything regarding the maps and the gameplay. The only reason Never The Same & Co keep getting played again and again and again is because people actually VOTE for them. So the haters are fewer than the lovers.

I think that if it's the majority of people's choice to play it again, then it should indeed be played again.

When people don't want to play it anymore they will simply vote something else.

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I don't mind playing a map three times but after that it get's annoying!!

They have played it 3 times wich i think is nice of us but after that it's time to move on most regulars hate it so you would rather choose strangers over regulars? The playerbase that keeps returning and wich makes the server a fun place!!

Because seriously if i have played that map 10 times in a row and some idiot wins a race and buys it it's not fun to play it 10 times again!!

I pledged for a limit before really hope it still happends....

We used to have a ranom map changer wich skipped a map if it had been played in the past 50 map changes i'd like this system again!!

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I suggest forcing the 3 max. time play-time. And I'm not just talking about Never The Same. A lot of short maps get played a billion times as well and it gets really frustrating to some people. Eventually the frustratees (trying to use it as a noun) overwhelm the stupid 2-pressing robots and the map cycle gets pushed forward.

What is there to lose by forcing a limit for playing maps? There are nearly (or over by now) a thousand maps in the server, playing one of them for half an hour really messes with you. I find it merely negative.

My own suggestion:

Fix the Dumper-bridge part that I was talking about to You (BinSlayer) one day. This occurs with any large vehicle before the small tunnel-bridge in San Fierro (after the first time going up a hill and then down; on the streets) - you get stuck under it because for some odd reason San Andreas developers just made it graphically large, not physically however.

Shouldn't it be easy on your part? Just erasing the largest vehicles from the generator's possibilities.

And I wouldn't suggest this if the map didn't get played 50 times a day. This stuff happens.

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Just raise the price of buying Never The Same as nextmap. If players actually have to work/pay for it, maybe they won't set it after every other map.

It's a win-win, because it will make the map more fun for the 'haters', too. You see, I think most 'haters' like the map, but find it boring because it gets played so much. But if we haven't played the map in a while, the map becomes more fun and we also don't mind playing it again a couple of times.

BinSlayer, can't you make another map, one that is even better than NTS (if possible), so we will all move to that one? I think it's the only way to ever end the NTS spree, I never thought there would ever be a map more popular than Hipnoze. =P

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Even though I love the map, I kinda agree with Martin's suggestion... But I would say a 10 "play again" limit - I guess this could be a server rule for all maps (to keep it simple - even though it would probably only ever be invoked with NTS)

I also think buying maps should be cheaper.

10 = to much the map takes like 4 minutes so 10 times = 40 minutes.


way to long

3 TIMES MAX!!!!!!

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BS, one guy comes in and cry's cries about NTS and you change it? I think this was a mistake. The server was running fine how it was, the reason people keep playing the same map is because they want to.

Stop whining. After the map got played the chatbox was a living nightmare. EVERY SINGLE TIME

So I have no fucking idea where you got the "one guy" example

Anyway. Once again, BinSlayer saves the day. You're doing excellent this month, hoping for better presents from Santa? : P

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How can this even make even remote sense? The most popular map on the server, by far, gets limited to 3, when a couple of NTS haters come in here. What's the meaning of 'the regulars' anyway, how can that term even make any sense? 'The regulars', as in the politburo? The casual player prefers that map? what typecasting nonsense.

Oh man, I totally agree with mosh, the real problem was making the maps cheaper, but this... this is like U.S. congress trolling the internet, or an episode of Yes, Minister.

A sad day.

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ok guys actually the 4 times limit doesnt help because someone always buys it after the 4th times and we are still playing it for hours like we did before the 4x times limit. I suggest to make a day limit too. So keep this 4 times / row but could only play once or twice x4 /day.

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  • 2 months later...

It has been discussed with the top crew and the server now enforces a 3-max play agains CONSECUTIVELY.


Never The Same starts. It ends. Vote asks: Random/Play Again ?

People choose Play Again. Same thing happens again and again and after the map has been played the 4th time, the server won't show the vote anymore, but it'll randomize the map

What if.. It picks a random map, and its the same map again



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